Need an easy means to acquire your kids affiliated in the cooking process? Or, possibly you require a unique meal come celebrate an accomplishment or a birthday? This household Pizza Bar is the answer.

My kids love assembling their very own pizza creations. I constantly encourage them come try new things, and also I never have to beg lock to end up their meals - i beg your pardon is a double-win in mine book! If you have actually a big family with civilization coming and going from different evening activities, friend can set out the pizza bar toppings and let everyone do their pizzas as soon as they space able to eat dinner.

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We always have the choice of crusts – role your own dough (available in ~ Harris Teeter in the Deli), English muffins, and premade cauliflower crusts. Harris Teeter Pizza Sauce, chopped veggies, pepperoni, bacon, and also shredded cheeses round out the bar.

Leftover toppings can obtain put intosalads oreggs the following day, so nothing goes to waste.



Assorted late option can include:

1 lb. Balls the Harris Teeter Pizza dough - split into individual parts for basic rollingPre-made pizza crustsFrozen cauliflower pizza crustsEnglish muffins - halved

Assorted topping options can include:

Harris Teeter Pizza SauceHarris Teeter Sliced MushroomsBell peppers, dicedRed Onion, dicedFresh basilPineapple ChunksHarris Teeter Turkey PepperoniCooked BaconHarris Teeter Thick reduced Mozzarella Shreds



Preheat cooktop to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Roll the end individual portions of pizza dough, if using, to desired thickness. You might need come dust the surface of the dough v flour to prevent sticking. Location rolled the end dough or selected crust on a baking sheet coated with parchment document and labeled through each who name.

Spread out sauce ~ above the crust and top together desired. Roasted in the range for 8 minutes (English muffins) or approximately 15 minutes (thick tardy pizza) – or till crust is small through and also the cheese is melted and also golden. Offer immediately.

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Katie Harding is the publisher ofForks and Folly. A self-taught cook and also die-hard foodie, Katie resides in Charlotte through her husband and three boys. Besides cooking and also eating, she loves craft beers, running, and also napping.

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