I have actually a couple of questions1. Exactly how do i make my daughter a farmer *I married Lumina* 2. No matter just how much i try my daughter"s farmer skills/likes won"t go up what perform i do?3. I"m going to make a brand-new 3 file, Who should I marry Celia, Nami, Lumina *Again*, or Muffy *I don"t choose her however i want to understand her good traits and why i have to like/marry her*4. Carry out the daughters the Lumina, Muffy, Celia, and Nami have different personallities? and also if they perform what space they?5. Is that true the Lumina deserve to have twins?6. Deserve to your kid get married?7.How execute you recognize if Lumina"s boy is a girl?

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1. To influence your daughter you need to:- display her items regarded farming, choose the Hoe, Watering Can, Seeds, Crops, fertilizer etc.- Befriend Vesta, Marlin, Celia and Tartan.- Respond an extremely positively to every concern related to farming as soon as she starts questioning them, and really negatively to concerns of other careers.- In thing 2 (A Birth) as soon as your daughter is a toddler, lug her come Vesta"s farm yard every day.- Hybridize a lot after ~ you gain Tartan. (after thing 2 Summer)2. Just keep influencing her v the steps displayed above, every job for best results. That takes a while to raise Lumina"s daughter"s farming an abilities since she"s mostly interested in music.3. CELIACelia"s children will it is in interested in farming, and also are generally happy. She cares about you and also your youngsters a lot. Celia is a bit granny-ish like staying at residence for most component of the day, and also in the taking care of her child, yet she"s sweet come you and the kid.NAMINami"s kids will it is in interested in art, and also seems moody during and after teenage years. Nami"s much much more quiet and also shy however she cares about you and also her son in her own way. Nami likes come wander about during the day, and do points her way. MUFFYMuffy"s kids will be interested in sports/atheletics, and are an extremely cheerful. Muffy is a little flirtatious, and also gets fed up v the son sometimes. She comes home late and sleeps late, but I haven"t married she so this is all i know concerning her. LUMINALumina"s kids will it is in interested in music, and are usually happy. Lumina is sweet and also is almost like Celia, only much less granny-ish and old fashioned. I like Lumina finest but because you married her you should understand her ways far better and decide if you desire to marry her again. 4. Yes, they have various personalities. Depending upon how you influence them, they might turn the end differently. Daughters have no set interest in anything therefore they"re easier to affect than sons, yet generally both re-superstructure the very same interest for each wife. I"ve heard Nami"s youngsters are specifically moody and also Muffy"s the direct opposite, and also that Lumina"s and also Celia"s are in-between. Require confirmation ~ above this though. Law your kids nicely by snuggling them a lot during their toddler stage and give castle items they prefer after the second year for them to rotate out nicely and not insolent.5. No, you have the right to only obtain 1 child, child or daughter, because that each wife. Over there is more than likely some confusion since Lumina"s son and daughter look exactly the very same in their toddler phase (2nd year, A Birth). 6. No, your child doesn"t gain married.
Highlight this box through your cursor to read the spoiler text.After the critical chapter (Twilight), you will unlock a freeplay setting where it continues from the 5th chapter.

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After the critical chapter (Twilight), you will unlock a freeplay mode where it continues from the fifth chapter.