Leading retail store chains in the U.S. Preserve a plan of drug trial and error their employees before hiring castle to protect against any crashes for customers and also staff throughout work.

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So if you’re using for a role at residence Depot, a significant home advancement store chain, you might be wondering – does home Depot medicine test employees? below is what I’ve found out around this!

Does home Depot medicine Test In 2021?

Home Depot drug tests both potential and existing employees as of 2021 if over there is suspected drug use. The sleeve chain operates a strict drug-free workplace, definition drugs and also alcohol room prohibited top top site. If an employee tests positive for drugs, they can be subject to immediate termination.

If you want to learn an ext about how house Depot conducts drug tests for employees, what substances the tests for, and whether these are conducted at random, store on reading!

What Is residence Depot’s medicine Policy?

As proclaimed in that employee handbook, Home Depot is committed to giving both workers and also customers through a safe and also healthy workplace.

To for sure this, house Depot operates a drug-free policy, which method that possessing alcohol or drugs on-premises, or arriving at job-related under the influence of these is versus company policy.

Note that residence Depot employees should sign a contract that states they agree come the drug-free work-related policy as a problem of their employment.

If an employee at house Depot is recorded violating this policy, they will be subject to prompt termination. 

What kind Of medicine Test Does residence Depot Use? 

Typically, it has been said that Home Depot uses a saliva check to advice the visibility of drugs.

This is carried out by taking a swab approximately the mouth and also having the test sent out away come a third-party testing facility that will then call Home Depot through the results.

Other 보다 that, house Depot has additionally been reported to use urine tests, yet this is normally for conducting random drug testing or testing after an accident or incident in the workplace. 

What building materials Does home Depot drug Test For? 

Home Depot drug tests for a variety of illegal substances the can influence an employee’s capacity to job-related effectively and offer a pleasant customer experience.

The usual substances house Depot test for encompass PCP, cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine, narcotics, and other illegal drugs. 

Does house Depot Conduct drug Tests in ~ Interviews? 


Home Depot conducts drug tests because that potential employees prior to they room hired since component of the application process involves your commitment to get involved in the drug test.

In most cases, the medicine test will be conducted after the first interview to assess whether or not you are suitable for the role.

Note that residence Depot will also use a background inspect to assess your eligibility for a job at their stores. 

When Does home Depot Conduct drug Tests? 

Home Depot conducts drug tests during the interview process, following incidents in ~ work and for suspected drug use.

When girlfriend are applying to home Depot, you will be required to undertake a medicine test to ensure you comply through its drug-free work policy. 

Usually, friend will just be compelled to take a drug test when at home Depot once you start working there.

After this, house Depot will only conduct medicine tests if there has actually been an event in the workplace, or if it doubt an employee of making use of drugs. 

Does home Depot command Random drug Tests?

Home Depot does not commonly conduct random drug tests top top employees.

However, if there has actually been an incident or accident at occupational or it suspects an employee of using drugs, it will conduct a drug test. 

For medicine tests adhering to incidents, Home Depot will take a urine sample to test because that drugs using a third-party tester.

You will certainly be prohibited from return to home Depot to job-related until the results from your drug test have come earlier negative.

In case the outcomes of your house Depot medicine test are positive, girlfriend will most likely be terminated native employment.

Can i Refuse A drug Test At residence Depot? 

You can refuse a drug test at residence Depot, yet it is likely that you will have your offer of employed or your present employment withdrawn as result of failure come comply v the drug-free policy.

Additionally, if you execute not arrive to take the medicine test when required, residence Depot will certainly terminate your market of employed or existing employment immediately.

Keep in mind the you can be terminated within 24 hrs at residence Depot because that failing a medicine test. 

Will ns Be Fired If i Fail A medicine Test At residence Depot? 

If you are interviewing for a place at residence Depot and you fail the medicine test required of potential employees, you will certainly not be available the project or will have actually your market of employed staff withdrawn.

Similarly, if you are already employed by home Depot and fail a drug test, you will certainly be automatically terminated for violating the drug-free plan that is a part of your contract.

Note the you can challenge a medicine test if you think it has offered a false positive an outcome and inquiry an alternate test, such as a GC-MS Test, in order to verify the results. 

If ns Fail A drug Test At residence Depot can I Reapply? 

If you fail a drug test at Home Depot, you will certainly be eligible come reapply to occupational there after one year.

Keep in mind that to it is in reemployed or to work by residence Depot, you will need to pass the drug test required.

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Home Depot drug tests potential employees and current employee to ensure they are following its drug-free job-related policy.

New employees will be required to agree to and also submit a drug test before they start working for residence Depot, usually in the type of a mouth swab drug test. 

While Home Depot does not randomly drug test present employees, medicine tests may be compelled if there is suspected medicine use complying with an accident in the workplace.

If you fail a medicine test at home Depot either as an existing employee or a potential employee, you will be terminated from home Depot.