I have a couple of enlarge Homelites: super EZ-Auto and a 330.

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I purchase a party of Homelite brand oil and it recommends to mix 2.6 oz oil per gallon that gas (50:1 mix). Is that also lean a mix OK for these older saws?Also, any type of places out there girlfriend can acquire owners manuals for these saws (I"ve to be looking ~ above e-bay)?Thanks
Fifty come one would work simply fine in her old saw. The said, the highest level of lubrication would certainly come froma 32 come 1 mix v the very same oil.
Homelite oil mix
I additionally have a Homelite 330 and a supervisor EZ automatically (and a Stihl 041 Farmboss). I operation them every on 32:1 and have been for years, using largely Pennzoil two cycle oil. I think I had the at sight EZ a little rich this previous year, because it occurred a lot of tarry residue in the muffler. Didn"t notification it till I serviced it up to store it because that the winter. Gotta lean it out a small before beginning on firewood next year. The 330 and 041 looked fine. Gene Gauss

32:1 because that the 330 is the ideal oil mix.The 150 will run just fine on the same however tends to choose a little much more oil,say 30:1
With the newer oils (any brand) you have the right to run them in ~ 50:1 or richer (40:1 is typical) if you want.Older richer mixes (like 24:1 or 32:1 or 16:1) was due to the fact that of poorer high quality oils. I have actually a 330 hand-operated if you want any type of info I can look the up because that you.

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Ratio Mix
I agree through the advances in oil quality,but I likewise take into consideration the high quality of the materials and machining that the product.I too have actually 330 manuals,as I have 3 homelite 330"s.I to be a Homelite fanatic and also have several(approx 25 different Homelite model"s,including 3 ZIP"s, 3 330"s, 2 360"s"2 230"s,several 150"s,and don"t recognize how many XL"s,and 2 410"s.Not includind the Mac"s and Echo saw"s).I establish the importance of ideal oil mix"s and would fairly tear saw down and clean the carbon out than replace a jug and slug.Not saying ns am choosing the ideal path,but I have saw"s that room increasingly much more and more complicated to find part"s for(of course currently that i have found this great group and also all the wonderful human being to help me locate the parts that i need),so I try to err on the safe side the the ratio.Also i am a burn survivor indigenous NAM (Napalm),so you re welcome bear with me if ns don"t answer in a timely fashion.Am in the procedure of listing all the components I have easily accessible so ns can shot to help as much as i can.