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Found this as well:OE Service borders Si former disk Brake rotor thickness new : 24.9-25.1 mmSi former disk Brake rotor thickness max worn : 23mmLX/DX/EX prior disk Brake rotor thickness new : 20.9-21.1 mmLX?DX?EX front disk Brake thickness max worn : 19mm Si/EX behind disk Brake rotor thickness new : 8.9-9.1 mm Si behind disk Brake rotor thickness max worn :8.0 mm Rotor Runnout organization limit - 0.04 mmRotor Parralleism organization limit - 0.015 mmSi former Pad brand-new thickness : 9.0-9.7 .1 mmSi former pad business limit thickness : 1.6 mmEX/LX/DX prior Pad new thickness : 9.6-10.2 mmEX/LX/DX former pad organization limit thickness : 1.6 mm link:
Thanks, so it looks prefer 19 mm is the limit.I have ~52k miles on mine car and also the original pads probably have 5-10k left in them. The rotors don"t have any kind of warping and look nice good. (There space some very small grooves in them)I can get the rotors turned because that $12/piece, buy brand-new rotors top top rockauto for about $25/piece or simply replace the pads and not worry about it. Not certain what I"m going to perform yet?
I know this is one old short article but i am ready to share. I have actually a 2008 Honda public EX through 108,000 miles and bought it v 37,000 back in 2013. I just replaced the prior pads as soon as the car had 64,000 miles and left the old rotors in place since they looked okay and also were no warped. For this reason it should be alright reusing the rotors as lengthy if they do not show anything obvious. Incidentally, ns am an extremely stubborn ~ above wheel lug seed torque and constantly use the torque wrench to avoid rotor warping because of uneven lug nut tightening. In fact, I always redo my wheel every time i take the for tire work since I understand of no shop to this particular day that they ever use a torque wrench; they constantly use a high power air gun. Also, perform not gain me started on TPMS service work; if they execute not use a speak wrench for lug nuts, they surely will certainly not use the exactly torque ~ above the TPMS service. Somehow ns think they soon start leaking due to improper installation practices.
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