There space several reasons why your internal light isn"t turning on or off. Fortunately, friend don"t have to spend a fortune-or even take your automobile to a mechanic-to diagnose and resolve the problem.

This article applies to the Honda Civic/Del sol (1992-2000), and Accord (1990-2002).

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Nine the end of ten times, your dome light isn"t turning on because you have to replace the irradiate bulb. If this doesn"t work, climate the other main culprit is a blown fuse. You can diagnose and resolve both that these worries in under a couple of minutes, and also at beside no cost. If this fixes don"t solve the problem, don"t worry. The other major ways to resolve a problem with your inner light are just as easy, and also you likely already have the tools you need. If her dome irradiate isn"t turning on, think about replacing the light bulb first before purchase a brand-new main dome light. A light bulb replacement expenses under $10.

Materials NeededSmall level head screwdriverElectrical tapeSmall Phillips head screwdriverReplacement light bulbNumber 10 fuseMain dome light unit

Step 1 – adjust the light bulb

A burnt-out bulb will prevent your interior light from turning on.

Move the dome irradiate switch to the "OFF" position.Wrap electrical tape roughly the end of a flat head screwdriver. This will assist prevent you from by chance damaging her dome irradiate cover once you pry it open.Remove the dome irradiate cover.Remove the old irradiate bulb. Traction it out at one angle rather of right towards you.Install the brand-new light bulb.Move the dome light switch come the "ON" position. If the light transforms on, then you"ve solved the issue and also you have the right to re-install the light cover. If not, climate you may need to replace a fuse.
Figure 1. Use small screwdriver to remove the dome irradiate cover.

Step 2 – replace dome irradiate fuse

A burnt-out fuse will stop your dome light from turning on.

Turn the dome irradiate switch to the "OFF" position.Open the fuse box. The fuse box is situated inside her car and under the dashboard.Find the fuse that is wired to your dome light. Her owner"s hand-operated will likely have a chart of your fuses, and also some models additionally have diagrams on the inside of the driver"s side door.Remove the fuse and replace it with a new fuse. Friend will need a number 10 fuse. You could have a preventive in her fuse box. If not, you can uncover them at any kind of auto parts store.Turn the dome light switch come "ON" position. If the light turns on, climate you"ve fixed the issue. If not, climate the mounting screw in the dome irradiate is loosened or missing.
Figure 2. If you must replace a fuse, girlfriend likely have a preventive one in your fuse panel.

Step 3 – check mounting screw in dome light

A lacking or loose mounting screw deserve to prevent the dome irradiate from turning on.

Look because that the mounting screw going with the steel tabs. This will be a small flat head screw, i m sorry doubles as one of the grounds for the "ON" setting.If it is missing, replace the screw.If it is loose, tighten the screw.
Figure 3. A lacking or loose mounting screw deserve to prevent the dome light from transforming on.

Step 4 – Replace key dome light unit

A loosened switch can impact the connection, i m sorry will protect against the irradiate from transforming on. Because you can"t merely replace the switch, you"ll have to install a new main unit. Of all of the potential factors why your dome light isn"t turning on or off, this is likely the most expensive come resolve. If you"ve put your dome light cover top top at some point, eliminate it prior to beginning.

Remove the light bulb, and then use a small Phillips head driver to eliminate the two mounting screws.There is a latch ~ above the next of the unit. You need to detach the from the base unit prior to you can pull it out. When that is done, traction it the end of the basic unit.Insert the brand-new base unit, and click the latch right into place.Inset the irradiate bulb, and the two mounting screws.Turn the dome light switch to "ON" position. If light transforms on, then you"ve addressed the issue. If not, then you may have actually a problem with your door jamb switch.

Figure 4. A faulty dome irradiate switch can prevent her dome irradiate from turning on or off.

Step 5 – examine door jamb switch

A difficulty with a door jamb switch deserve to prevent your inner light from turning on. An easy means to diagnose this is to revolve your dome irradiate switch come "ON" position. If the light come on as soon as your dome irradiate is top top the "ON" position, but doesn"t come on when your dome light is ~ above the "DOOR" position, climate you know the trouble is related to the door jamb switch.

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Open driver"s next door. Top top the exterior of the door jamb is a tiny unit. Over there is also a switch that depresses when you close her door. This signals the auto to turn off the dome light once dome irradiate switch is top top "DOOR". Sometimes the switch it s okay pressed every the means inside the door jamb, and also does not feeling the door once it opens or closes.Open the ring cover top top the bottom of the unit. Under the sheathe is a tiny Phillips head screw. Unscrew it.Pop off the unit. You deserve to likely watch the switch within the door jamb, hanging top top its wire. Fish out switch.Replace the unit, screw in mounting screw, and also close the ring cover.With dome light switch top top the "DOOR" position, open and also close your door. If dome light comes on, climate you"ve solved the problem. If not, then inspect the door jamb switches on other doors. Follow these same steps for every door.Figure 5. If the door jamb switch has fallen, climate it can impact your dome light.Figure 6. Be certain not to damage the wire attached to the door jamb switch.

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