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What carry out you guys prefer for transfer case lube in this atv? Im thinking i"ll simply use one of two people engine oil (5W-40) or what I usage in the differentials (80W-90)..... Or have to I use something different?Thanks in advancement fellas...Brian

brian,either one will work. I"ve supplied 80w90 and also 10w40 v no pretty sure you can use damn neart any kind of oil, every you have in there is gears.

There is no seperate deliver case, the whole engine/tranny is developed together and also is lubricated with engine oil. The front and rear diff"s or final drives are lubed with equipment oil, typically 80 weight.
Well, i was thinking due to the fact that its a carry case, i"d simply use gear oil prefer the 80W-90, but the 5W-40 is readily available. Im one of those anal retentive men that changes the oil way too much anyway. Just acquired this thing and the diff oil looked choose mud so an extremely frequent oil alters for everything will it is in the norm.

sabre, the fourtrax 300"s have a transfer case....they are the only honda to have them...some that the years contact for 80w hypoid, various other years contact for 10w40.

exception? for what lubricant come use? im not completely sure top top what year they changed the specifications because that the lubrication in the transfer case....i have actually serviced some whereby it has it stamped "80w hypoid" ~ above the case, others havent had that marking....

I would usage 80 weight artificial myself.Remember i am genuine picky as soon as it pertains to my equipment.I just use Lucas oil in diffs and any deliver case.
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Yep, the Fourtrax 300 4X4 has a different transfer situation that"s bolted to the prior of the engine. You have the right to use engine oil or equipment oil, one of two people one, in it. Ns think the organization manual calls because that 10W-40 GN4, yet I"ve used gear oil and also it functions fine.

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You only require two devices in life -- WD-40 and also duct tape. If that doesn"t move and also should, use the WD-40. If the shouldn"t move and does, usage the duct tape.
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