“Carpetbaggers” and “scalawags” to be both epithets coined by southerly Democrats who opposed the social change of Reconstruction. Scalawags, top top the other hand, were Southerners who joined the Republican Party, or at least supported Reconstruction.

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How are the state corruption and scalawag connected?

The terms corruption and also scalawag both have to do around going south, this renders the two words associated with each other. Scalawags were known as the southern whites. ~ the American civil War, they sustained the Republican Party and also the reconstruction.

What is a synonym for carpetbagger?

ˈkɑːrpətˌbægɝ) an outsider who looks for power or success presumptuously. Synonyms. Self-seeker opportunist.

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How execute you use carpetbagger in a sentence?

carpetbagger in a sentence

Feinstein has assaulted him together a carpetbagger and also tax-evader.Put the video game in the hands of the ultimate corporate carpetbagger.Nor is ” carpetbagger ” thought about a loathsome term.The omnipresent carpetbaggers we know today together the dot-coms.They can shout ” carpetbagger ” all they want.

What is a sentence because that segregation?

Segregation sentence example. This local divergence may proceed as swiftly as through broad geographical segregation or isolation. Segregation on reservations was generally achieved in 1870-1880.

How do you usage sharecropping in a sentence?

sharecropping in a sentence

The trend was deepened by sharecropping and also other forms of bondage.Sharecropping and also tenant farming changed the slave-dependent plantation system.He was raised surrounding on sharecropping ranches along the Ohio River.The land was largely farmed in sharecropping and was every tithed.

How execute you use freedmen in a sentence?

Freedmen sentence example

The variety of freedmen in ~ Athens seems never ever to have actually been great. 1079), undoubtedly contained many freedmen who in suggest of services and also economic subjection were not very much over the slaves.
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What go sharecropping mean?

Sharecropping is a form of agriculture in which family members rent tiny plots that land native a landowner in return for a part of your crop, come be offered to the landowner at the finish of each year.

What is the definition of sharecropper?

: a tenant farmer specifically in the southern U.S. That is noted with credit transaction for seed, tools, life quarters, and also food, who works the land, and also who obtain an agreed re-superstructure of the worth of the chop minus charges.

What’s an additional word because that sharecropping?

In this page you can uncover 5 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and also related words for sharecropper, like: cropper, sharecrop farmer, landless, peasant and laborer.

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What is one more word for solitude?

Solitude Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is an additional word because that solitude?


What walk strawberry sharecropper mean?

The sharecropper is a straw man, an intermediary, generally a middle-aged farm worker, to who the grower shifts countless of the legal and also financial risks. In the Strawberry Fields.