This is what ns learned from the center school class 10 years back as the correct means to respond to "How are you?". The textbook to be co-published by Longman, I expect it to be British When I go overseas I find couple of people to speak this.

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Is this speak old fashioned or outdated?



I to be fine, give thanks to you. And you? is still used, however I consider it to be too many formal. The could likewise be considered an extremely polite, however, and I would probably use a phrase comparable to this as a response when being introduced to someone older 보다 me, prefer a friend"s parent or grandparent, for instance.

In the US, the quick version of this phrase is a typical response, particularly with people you already know or check out often: Fine, thanks. You?


Strangely, this expression is in good use however most that the individuals are new to This certain response will virtually immediately flag girlfriend as learning the language and also people will really likely tone under their vocabulary and talking speed in an attempt to make things less complicated for you. It has actually the same vibe as, "My name is Matthew. What is your name?" or asking a child, "How old room you? room you five?"

If you want a much more commonplace expression I think both HaL and also snumpy have good suggestions.



While it is a perfectly acceptable price in both the US and Britain, it is rarely provided nowadays. Responses differ wildly depending upon where you are and also to who you room speaking (race and age and also environment (rural/suburban/urban) all seem to have an result on the exact rendition the this basic greeting).

I believe the most standard response would be:

Fine, thanks. And also you?

Though mine generation typically entertains the adhering to salutation:

Sup? (or Whassup?) not much. You? no much.

As for numerous expressions, words, idioms, etc regarding a language, it"s likewise a metter the context and situation.

If you speak to her friends you can even end up speak "Hey, sup?" however with who you must offer respect to, you space much more likely to usage the expression girlfriend mentioned.

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This is no the only thing come consider but I wanted to emphasize it.

Actually no one ever before says "Fine, thanks and also you" in America. Anyone one always says "I"m good." I find it funny that the Spanish teacher in the college I work-related at teach "fine thanks and you."

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