Easy AccessDefrost Drain

Easy accessibility defrost drain on the front, makes defrosting and also cleaning simple.

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Easy AccessDefrost Drain

Easy accessibility defrost drain on the front, makes defrosting and also cleaning simple.


Nice design, quiet, to be perfect while the lasted. Regrettably it simply stopped freeze suddenly and also without warning. Currently we"re walking to shed $100s of food and have to scramble v repair vs replace hassles.

indigenous tasiilaq.net: Hello Freezefam, say thanks to you for reviewing the tasiilaq.net 8.8 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer MRC09M4AWW. We space sorry come hear that your unit has stopped functioning unexpectedly. Us would prefer to assist you v this, please call us today at 866-646-4332 and reference case number 111248300. (BBB A+ Accredited Business)

We room using the freezer together overflo from our garden and are in search of ways come organize through shelving. Wherein would i look because that shelving, baskets, etc?

Worked because that 4 months and just randomly stopped. I am 8 month pregnant and am transporting my boy early. Was to usage freezer for chest milk and have no idea what to do at this point.

from tasiilaq.net: Hello Samantha. Give thanks to you for posting your evaluation of the Arctic King 8.8 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer White. We"re sorry the you skilled this issue with your unit. Please provide us a speak to at 866-646-4332 and reference situation number 111129810. Us look forward to hearing indigenous you. -tasiilaq.net Customer care

We had actually been wanting to acquisition a deep freezer because moving right into a larger home, but funds to be the issue so i was dazzling when provided the opportunity to check one for free. Every little thing has gone smoothly and also it has been great.. Mine one and also only complain is that the temperature dial is in the front, and even when turned off, the light stays green. Together a mother of tiny kids, this ended in someone twisting that off and it obtained hot, resulting in fish come rot and stink increase the whole house. I view no reason why the temperature dial can"t be inserted either ~ above the backside or the inside. Or at the very least be programmed for the light to revolve red or off when in the off position. Unless you can constantly check that it is tho on, this is a headache for a parent.

This product is amazing. It has actually so much room with a cute small basket because that your more fragile freezer items. The way it continues to be cold is way better then also the freezer on mine refrigerator. I can not be more happier through this freezer and also with it being vacation season it will certainly be obtaining its to fill of being used. Ns would definitely reccomend this to anyone that likes a spacious, really cold, and also energy effective freezer. Overall very impressed and also happy.

This 8.8 cubic foot freezer is perfect because that my household of 5. That stores approximately 350 lbs of food. V it being bigger climate the 7 cubic foot that is more than likely the most typical size deep freezer it"s definitely a terrific upgrade and also truly the ideal upgrade ns did. I have actually stored up to 2 deer ns this freezer so far. Ns haven"t had any kind of frostbite issues with my meat. There is a temp gauge the goes from min come max. The freezer does have actually a drainpipe plug in the front edge for easy water draining. The freezer inside has a really nice basket for this reason you deserve to store smaller meats prefer sausage links. The freezer is also very quiet when it runs. Its best for the garage. Over there is additionally extra insulation in it so it have the right to withstand temps down to 0 degrees. Ns am very ecstatic about using this freezer.

I choose this freezer. The is really spacious. So much the food I have actually stored is stating frozen perfectly, and it does no have and also frost build up or freezer burn. I have actually only neen making use of it for a couple weeks so that can change. The extra bucket shelf is valuable as well.

For starters this freezer has actually a lot an ext space 보다 I anticipated yet does not have a huge footprint in my garage i m sorry is great for space. It includes a little sliding basket tray i m sorry is perfect for smaller sized items that must be easily accessible and the irradiate for strength is quickly visible. The knob for min/ max is straight on bottom prior corner and also super straightforward so it can be conveniently switched between. One great feature is the lid stays open up after the is opened so the does not slam closeup of the door as easily while friend are obtaining items out or putting them in. The lid has a chop seal and the cord have the right to be quickly wound up right on the earlier corner so it isn"t hanging all over it walk not need to be.

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This is a perfect dimension for my huge family. It functions great, doesn"t take it up much room and holds a most food. It gets cold quicker than I assumed it would. It was perfect for my husband the hunts and also I should still have room for my garden vegetables.