Is Lake Anna really bottomless? does Lake Erie feed the lake or have you heard the O.C Barber’s daughter drowning there? These are myths that part Barberton locals swear by. But are castle myths or room they branched from truth or some kind of truth? Myths like these have sent me down a course doing interviews and also ultimately setup out come invest in a tiny robotic trip to obtain to the bottom the it.

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It was April 2019 and also I discovered myself sitting on a bench in ~ Lake Anna during a job-related break. I was listening to a new audio book around political background of the unified States but found myself thinking about the background of Lake Anna instead. I already knew a lot about the lake’s background but found myself contemplating and also myths. I remember thinking “it would be cool to discover the lake and film it“. Freshly finished the town hall a documentary about James Cameron and his research study for the movie “Titanic” left a little impression ~ above me and weighed hefty on my decision to explore the floor of Lake Anna.

I found myself walking to the Barberton Library that neighbors the lake. The local background room is one of my favorite locations to visit. While there, i was hoping to browse part old photographs. Through coincidence, i stumble upon an image of a city truck in 1977 that had actually fallen through the ice cream at Lake Anna. This photograph was bring away in an era where the general public would ice skate ~ above the lake. Finding this image and recently thinking about the myths that Lake Anna, I determined to article it to social Media. The short article quickly became one of my most well-known Facebook posts. It opened up my eyes to attention of Lake Anna’s history, myths, and also legends.

A Barberton City truck drops through ice cream at Lake Anna when clearing snow off the ice cream in January 1977. Picture Credit: Barberton public Library

As the myths and Hersey started flowing in indigenous the community, I might not aid but realize that ns was witnessing community come together to re-publishing stories. To me, documenting background from the perspective of locals is invaluable. With ar coming lively over a mere social media post, i wondered. Exactly how would the community rally with an organized effort to really discover Lake Anna?

A Brief background of Lake Anna

Lake Anna was formerly known together Davis Pond. Contrary to part belief, Lake Anna to be not guy made nor to be it in the geometric shape as we understand it today. The small body of water was surrounded by swamp and also was formed by a glacier about 15,000 year ago. I have discovered that part confusion originates from a man-made lake named Lake Anna together well. The State Park is located in Virginia and may be mistaken as Barberton’s lake as soon as doing a fast search online.

The indigenous world thought the waters hosted mystical healing powers. Also in current history, some would certainly bath in the lake to cleanse themselves the sickness. Davis Pond to be renamed “Lake Anna” quickly after Barberton was founded. The Lake was called after O.C Barber’s daughter, Anna Laura Barber.

Barberton’s first map was produced by wilhelm A. Johnson, a developer rental to develop Barberton’s layout. Johnson supplied the lake together a central point of the new city and also worked outward. Johnson’s designs referred to as for the lake and also surrounding land come be approximately 20 acre of park land.

William A Johnson, the initial developer rental to develop Barberton’s drawing of Barberton.

The background of Lake Anna to add multiple level of excitement. Girlfriend can conveniently fall a victim come a black color hole the questions. Offered that the lake was thought to be mythical, was it plausible come think there were sacrificial offerings on some level. If there to be offerings of any kind of kind, room they still there? ns don’t expect to uncover anything the end of the ordinary but questions start emerging the an ext I dig.

The task Details

Recently, I began investing the possibilities the actually moving forward v a plan to explore the bottom of Lake Anna. I want to use skills I had actually along with an innovation to carry out a glimpse right into the depths the water.

After a handful of 3d models, drawings, many beta circuits and also 5 different cameras, I decided to go through a boat and a submersible camera. My very first thought was to produce a basic submarine and control that remotely. “Simple” to be an understatement. There to be nothing straightforward about it. As result of the complexities the a submersible and the cost, I resolved on a carrier device with electronic devices to lower a fancy ROV v a camera.

First variation of the ROV that will certainly be tethered to the transport device. The facility cylinder will home a camera and also the outer cylinders will hold the flood lights.

The goal of the project is to lastly get answers to myths while offering a brand-new perspective. I desire to use a camera with lights and sonar come map the bottom the Lake Anna. We can expose a brand-new side of Lake Anna we have actually not viewed before and also it is exciting.

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The project is in its early stages which way we room just testing theories and also designing a proof of concept currently. Over there is still a long method to go, yet I am hoping we deserve to start launching the tools in at an early stage spring 2020. I will be updating as there are breakthroughs as well together sharing images, video and other details when available.