Selena Gomez and also her friends got matching tattoos on respectable 19 indigenous Isaiah Negrete, a renowned tattoo artist in Los Angeles. Tragically, news has hit that Isaiah Negrete passed away on august 21.

Isaiah “Boo Boo” Negrete, a celebrity tattoo artist in L.A., passed far on august 21, just a couple days after the tattooed Selena Gomez and also her friends.

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Negrete is the child of Freddy Negrete, a legend in the body ink field. Isaiah revived his father’s tattoos organization to join the Shamrock society Club, and is known to have inked numerous celebrities in his lifetime.

Who Is Isaiah Negrete?

Isaiah Negrete to be a child as soon as his father came to be one the the many sought-after tattoo artists in Los Angeles. Through the period of 14, Isaiah himself began inking clients in his dad’s studio.

Freddy Negrete closeup of the door shop ~ his divorce. But years later, Isaiah would revive the family company with Shamrock social Club.

On respectable 19, Isaiah, better known together Boo Boo, tattooed Selena Gomez and her friends. Gomez and also her squad of finest friends room celebrating transforming 26 in a series of celebrations, including getting corresponding body ink.

Isaiah even shared images with the starlet top top his Instagram. That was the last post he put up before passing away.

Sarah Marenco, a loved one of the Negrete family posted a statement on instead of of the family in the comment of Isaiah’s critical Instagram post.

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Isaiah Negrete tattooing Jordan Clarkson (Photo: Instagram/booboonegrete)

Known because that his carefully detailed quarter-sized tattoos, celebs have actually sought Negrete for his artistry. Besides Selena Gomez, he has tattooed the likes that Ariana Grande, rick Ross, Jordan Clarkson, and also Danny Trejo. He’s additionally a an excellent friend that the sphere brothers and also has tattooed LiAngelo Ball.