X-Men: Professor X's Paralysis is much more Tragic 보다 Fans know Magneto accidentally paralyzed Xavier in the X-Men movies, but in the comics... Professor X loser the usage of his foot in much more tragic ways.

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Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men: The critical Stand
In X-Men: very first Class, moviegoers discover that Professor Xavier, leader that the X-Men, lost the usage of his legs when Magneto deflected a bullet and caused it come accidentally sever his spine. Xavier would certainly go ~ above to gain back the use of his legs thanks to a serum in X-Men: days of Future Past, but shed his telepathic capability in the process, requiring him to accept his paralysis in stimulate to command the X-Men.

In the comics, however, Xavier’s paralysis has a much sadder story. Not just did Xavier become wheelchair bound in ~ a fairly young age, he on regular basis regained the usage of his legs – only for brand-new accidents to ruin his legs as soon as again. Such continuous cruel twisted of fate would crush the heart of many men, and yet Xavier somehow managed to discover hope even in these regular injuries!

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Xavier originally shed the use of his foot in The Uncanny X-Men #20, during a story collection before he established the X-Men. Before this point, he to be a really gifted athlete and also even compared his to dance prowess to Gene Kelly. If traveling with the Himalayas, Xavier meets one alien called Lucifer that is conducting reconnaissance for one upcoming alien invasion. Back Xavier stops Lucifer’s plans, the extraterrestrial drops a giant rock block top top Xavier, damaging his legs. Xavier is may be to obtain help, yet becomes (apparently) permanently wheelchair-bound.

Charles Xavier Will
number of years later, however, the X-Men finish up fighting an additional alien race dubbed the Brood that reproduce by implanting their eggs in living beings and taking them over from the within out. Xavier gets a Brood egg implanted in him and becomes the brand-new Brood Queen. Fortunately, the X-Men control to take under the new Brood Queen, but with Xavier’s body now destroyed, they decide to clone a new, younger body for him and also transfer Xavier’s “essence” indigenous the Brood Queen right into the copy body. This has the additional benefit of giving Xavier with healthy and balanced legs. However, since Xavier’s mind at first refused to think he could walk, it took a lengthy time for his psychic to make his brand-new legs function. Eventually, he makes a full recovery and even takes up sports again while leading the X-Men in the field. Soon, however, he returns to a much more professorial function to train the new Mutants.

For a long time, Xavier enjoys being able come walk and decides to join other teams, including the planet-hopping team the Starjammers, and also even reconnects with his alien Shi’ar lover Lilandra. However, the good times were no to last. ~ reuniting v the X-Men, Xavier fought the psychic rogue the zero King and had his spine shattered, returning him to his paralyzed state. Although clinical tests showed that the would never ever walk again, Xavier continued to be optimistic, pointing out that impossible things happened all the time with the X-Men, and that the no longer believes in “never.” Xavier’s optimism would prove to be somewhat accurate as soon as a mutant called Xorn supplied his healing powers to regain Xavier’s legs when again. However, Xorn turned the end to be a disguised Magneto who had just offered “nano-Sentinels” to rebuild Xavier. He ends up reversing the procedure and Xavier loses the capability to walk simply a few issues later.

Later, however, Xavier had yet one more opportunity to walk thanks to a cosmic-level event when the Scarlet Witch provided her magic come depower the bulk of the world mutants in the Decimation event. Among these mutants turned the end to it is in Xavier – however, in the process, the Scarlet Witch likewise gave Xavier earlier the use of his legs so he could feel the pain of gift denied his mutant senses regardless of being physically maybe bodied. Xavier would restore his lost telepathy after gift thrown into the Shi’ar M’Kraan Crystal, however.

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Despite these miraculous recoveries, Xavier ongoing to be plagued by devastating injuries. He gained shot in the head by Bishop, leading to him to autumn into a coma and also awaken partly amnesic. That recovered indigenous these injuries, just to dice in a battle with Cyclops throughout the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline. Also after this, his body ongoing to it is in horribly abused, an especially when his brain was removed and also fused to the Red Skull.

Naturally, fatality proved to it is in barely one inconvenience because that Xavier – who endured in an astral form within the grip of the shadow King. He escapes native this prison and gets a brand-new body – no a copy one this time, however the body of a guy named Fantomex. Although Xavier (now calling himself “X”) look at gets killed again by the zero King, he simply pulls himself earlier together. Acquisition to put on a Cerebro helmet (and supposedly recovering his continuous body), Xavier goes on to command mutants ~ above the sovereign nation state of Krakoa, until a team the assassins autumn in and assassinates him.

X-Men Charles Xavier mystery Villain
Fortunately, Xavier’s latest death developed at a fortunate time since mutants had just found the mystery to immortality via Cerebro units and cloning and he came ago to life a couple of issues later. Later problems actually revealed Xavier wanted to it is in assassinated to unify the mutant race. Yet, while he is currently complimentary of his paralysis, background suggests he’ll ultimately lose the use of his foot somewhere down the line. The original picture of Xavier – together a man with a powerful mind in a disabled human body – is as well iconic because that comic publication creators to stray away from for too long. Nevertheless, the is interesting that once Xavier does regain the usage of his legs, he it s okay to gain them for extended periods the time. This is in sharp contrast to other “disabled” heroes, such together Daredevil, who get to recover shed senses and sensations for much briefer periods, frequently just a solitary issue.

Even in other media, Xavier gets to have actually his legs restored fairly regularly. In the famous X-Men: The Animated series of the 1990s, Xavier and Magneto traveled with the Savage Land and also became victims to one inhibitor ar that blocked their powers yet somehow revitalized Xavier’s capacity to walk. Likewise, in the short-lived Wolverine and also the X-Men cartoon series, Xavier goes into a years-long coma and awakens in an alternative future whereby he’s maybe to obtain a powerful exoskeleton that enables him to walk and even run.

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Given every this, it seems that Xavier may be one of the rare personalities in Marvel Comics who has actually two status quos – one wherein he’s the elderly professor guiding his students with the power of his mind, and also another where he’s a physically capable fighter and X-Men field leader through a literally younger body. That a weird mix, yet one that appears to likewise be reflected in live action as audiences have actually no trouble accepting Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy as different sides the Professor X.