For the rest of the week, Johnny proceeds to work on the street basin. His project is to make a larger replica that the take care of on man Hancock’s pitcher, which will then be attached come the basin. Mr. Lapham approve of his work, however Johnny bring the replica to Paul Revere––a renowned silversmith as well as a Patriot––to make certain that the take care of is an excellent enough. Mr. Revere points the end Johnny’s mistakes and also gives him advice about how to do the take care of better. He likewise wonders big why Mr. Lapham didn’t notice the mistakes. Johnny defines that his master has become “feeble” (31). Mr. Revere states that if Mr. Lapham ever before wants to cut down top top his work, he would be happy to take Johnny on as an apprentice. Johnny is flattered however doesn’t want to leaving his master.

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Johnny is in a hurry come perfect the handle prior to Monday, when it is due to Mr. Hancock. Yet when he gets ago to the shop, over there is no charcoal. Dove is intentionally unhelpful. As soon as he lastly brings Johnny part charcoal, the is not good enough to use and the boys quarrel. Mr. Lapham notices and lectures Johnny again about his pride. He defines that it’s not Dove’s fault that he’s stupid. He additionally declares the no one in the house will job-related for the remainder of the day. Because tomorrow is Sunday, this means that Johnny won’t be able to work on the manage at all. When Mrs. Lapham hears this, she urges Johnny to complete the handle on Sunday while Mr. Lapham is at church for afternoon services. Although functioning on Sundays is illegal and also a significant sin, Johnny agrees.

On Sunday, Johnny works on the container as planned. Dove, Dusty, and also Mrs. Lapham all help him in the shop. Entrusted with this necessary task, Johnny becomes even much more insufferable than usual. The bosses anyone around and also even speaks rudely to Mrs. Lapham. To get revenge, Dove hand him a cracked crucible come melt the silver- in. He thinks the silver will spill on the furnace and make Johnny look favor a fool. This happens precisely as Dove plans. Once Johnny look at the spill, the is therefore surprised the slips and his appropriate hand lands on the furnace.

Johnny’s hand is horribly burned. Return the neighborhood midwife, Gran’ Hopper, does the best she can to act it, she forgets to save the hand flat and also instead permits it to revolve in top top itself. Because of this, he loses the use of his thumb and is permanently crippled. Johnny will never ever be a silversmith. Cilla and also Isannah try to market their sympathies, however he rudely pen them off. That goes right into the shop and also sees Dove working. Once Johnny tries come correct just how Dove stop the crimping iron, Dove reminds Johnny the his injury.

Upset, Johnny goes because that a walk in ~ Hancock’s Wharf. Although he knows every the boys there, the feels choose a stranger and can feeling them whispering around him. He goes swimming in the ocean, an task that enables him to forget his injury.

Life transforms for Johnny after ~ the burn. Mrs. Lapham is meaner to him, and also he needs to do the menial chores that provided to it is in assigned come Dove and Dusty. One day, Mr. Lapham pulls him aside. He defines that when Mrs. Lapham think it is also expensive to store Johnny around, he deserve to stay as long as the likes. However, he should try to uncover a new trade that he deserve to do also with a deformed hand. Mr. Lapham likewise asks Johnny to “forgive Dove choose a Christian” (47). This is how Johnny finds the end that Dove led to the accident. Back Mr. Lapham states that Dove was really repentant and also didn’t mean to hurt him, Johnny vow to get revenge ~ above the enlarge boy. As Johnny goes around his chores, Dove and the slaves tease him about his brand-new low status.


In chapter 2, Forbes raises the concern of obligation for Johnny’s accident. No one human being is totally responsible. Dove is most likely the most guilty, however even he simply wanted come play a prank ~ above Johnny––he did not intend to ruin the boy’s career. Mrs. Lapham suggested that Johnny work-related in the first place, and Forbes emphasizes that Dusty witnessed Dove gain the cracked crucible yet chose not to to speak anything. Also Johnny himself is partly responsible––he broke the Sabbath, and he additionally chose to occupational without supervision from Mr. Lapham.

Each that the characters’ lapses in judgment deserve to be explained by pride. Johnny’s pride has currently been disputed in depth, yet pride also influences Dove and also Mrs. Lapham. It does not occur to Dove that his prank might go awry, and also he believes the is his place to teach Johnny a lesson for being bossy. Likewise, Mrs. Lapham encourages Johnny to job-related on Sunday because she is no hope to enhance the family’s financial and also social standing.

This chapter defines the emotional after-effects of Johnny’s accident. Although burns are among the many painful injuries, Forbes does no dwell on the physics pain of Johnny’s injury. Rather, she focuses on its effects on the emotionally. Johnny becomes very self-conscious and is constantly aware the how world see him. He is also more likely to shed his temper––especially v the Lapham daughters, that he was constantly kind to before his injury. Rather than to express his feelings, Johnny lashes out at the people approximately him.

Johnny’s character advancement is gradual. His injury can be seen as punishment for his pride. Indeed, numerous of the characters—including Dove and also Mr. Lapham—see the injury this way. However, it does not instantly cause a change in his character. He stays haughty and also unpleasant to the people approximately him. Because that example, the responds angrily when Cilla make the efforts to comfort him, and also he continues to allude out Dove’s absence of skills in the silver- shop. Forbes has actually laid the groundwork for the accident to do Johnny a far better person. However, it takes a lengthy time ~ the injury for Johnny to find out his lesson.

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