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The Renaissance to be a regeneration of timeless thought and ideas in west Europe. Because that centuries, the Byzantines and Arabs had actually been the custodians of the works and writings the the old Greeks and also Romans. As soon as the Crusaders weren"t fighting this people, lock were discovering from them. They involved realize...

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The Renaissance to be a renewal of timeless thought and also ideas in west Europe. For centuries, the Byzantines and also Arabs had actually been the custodians the the works and writings of the ancient Greeks and Romans. As soon as the Crusaders weren"t fighting this people, they were discovering from them. They came to realize that Europe had actually once to be a ar of scholarship and also wealth. When they returned to their homelands, countless Crusaders brought back Classical works, or in ~ least classic ideas and also philosophies. This sparked the motion that would come to be the Renaissance.

Furthermore, the campaigns established countless trade courses with the East. Italian vendors realized the they might make a many money carrying Crusaders to the divine Land. While they were at it, lock traded v the individuals of this region and reconnected with sellers of the Silk Road. This lugged a most wealth into Europe, particularly the Italian city-states. It have to then come together no surprised that the Renaissance started in Italy. The wealth and also Classical principles that these merchants returned through spurred numerous newly well-off Italians come refocus top top the arts and also humanities, central components to the Renaissance.

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All this brand-new trade with the East likewise created a brand-new kind of economic situation in Europe. This economy supported bankers, craftsmen, and also a new middle class of sorts. This new economy likewise gave bear to a new class that wealthy people who made your money v banking and commerce. One means that they showcased their riches was to it is in patrons of arts and learning which sustained Renaissance endeavors. It likewise disproved the previous medieval notion of feudal class systems. This new wealth confirmed that civilization have potential and value beyond the social standing of their birth. This humanist way of thinking was additionally a hallmark of the Renaissance.