I'm caught up top top both manga and also anime and have had actually time to go back to watch earlier episodes because why not and also I stumped top top this topic. Ns feel as if the means Tobirama died was too vague and also pretty stupid. I understand the collection wants to demonstrate the will of fire and all yet he had actually a fucking team, not to mention he to be none various other than TOBIRAMA SENJU, THE 2nd HOKAGE! I typical Naruto has gained this far by using shadow clones and also rasengan and he has actually surpassed nearly everyone in the series. Unless i'm overestimating Tobirama.

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This has been questioned a pair of times. Think about it this way.

Apperantly the enemy ninjas were so solid that castle were particular that a team consisting of Tobirama, Hiruzen, Danzo, Kagami and co aren't strong enough to take them on.

They were surrounding by the Kinkaku squad which according to the wiki to be a formation of 20 highly experienced ninja native Kumo. I'm guessing two members the the squad to be Kinkaku and Ginkaku i beg your pardon may explain why also Tobirama had actually to sacrifice himself to hold them back.

While its common to assume that the gold and also silver brothers to be in the formation - castle weren't. It's created in the manga that by the time the second war rolled approximately Kinkaku and Ginkaku were already notorious criminals as result of their attempted assassinations the the Nidaime Raikage and also the Nidaime Hokage.

Can't he simply slap a thunder god seal on one of his teamates, odor the ninja chasing them and when they record up come him teleport come his party? he would have actually slowed castle by the same amount and would not have died, seeing how the rather survived.

He to be alone vs 20 ELITE cloud-village ninja. We don't also know how solid these 20 ninjas were. But you can be sure that they were so strong even Hiruzen wasn't solid enough to attend to them.

I got all mine facts totally wrong! Ahh I thought they staged the coup under the raikage climate went to finish the job on Tobirama, thanks!

imagine tobirama being surrounding by 20 human being like kakashi or gai..those 20 human being where high skilled jonin not sure how many coulda endure that.

but permit me ask u this...how walk senju hashirama died?he didnt dice of old age due to the fact that he woulda been resurected old ...he died of part sickness?i extremely doubt cuz it woulda being to boring and its the 1st hokage we room talking around not itachi...the 1st hokage coulda usage healing jutsu in his sleep...so my theory is that something walk happend...hope the kishi will bring it increase soon due to the fact that it wasnt mention before...bout his death..and its no something that no one will certainly be interested in come no carry it up.

I'll have to edit this comment once I find the pages because that proof, however I'm at this time rereading the manga and also recently check out that the kin gin squad virtually left tobirama dead, yet then the gold and silver brothers actually killed him later on in life after hiruzen was already Hokage.

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