The “Quick Change” is a magic trick, wherein the performer alters his apparel in seconds, frequently multiple time in a row. I’ll describe how this illusion is done and show a couple of other variants that this trick.

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For the standard performance that this trick, the costumes are removed one by one, making that look choose the gibbs is may be to adjust the whole outfit in seconds.

In reality, he just takes his current clothing off and reveals the next costume underneath.

Every solitary piece the gibbs wear is specifically designed because that this cheat so it have the right to be taken turn off as rapid as possible. This is why you will check out a the majority of skirts in quick change performances: castle cover the whole body (and all of the other costumes listed below it), yet they can be taken off an extremely fast.

Skirts are really popular for quick change illusions, due to the fact that they can be removed very quickly and also hide every the garments underneath perfectly.When the town hall someone do this trick, you will certainly usually notice that the costumes gain smaller and much shorter over time. It can not be the other method round, since the existing outfit needs to hide every one of the others underneath perfectly.

The one-of-a-kind costumes for the Quick change act

As already mentioned above, every single piece of the outfit is particularly designed therefore it deserve to be taken off (or on) as quick as possible. Many skirts and other long costumes have actually a little break in the ago or at the waistline, for this reason the actor have the right to rip them off very fast.

Velcros, snaps, and also magnets are often used come keep whatever in place during the performance.

As quickly as the garments has to it is in removed, an assistant or the show himself deserve to simply traction once and the whole costume have the right to be take away off.

Linking the costumes together

Another usual practice is linking the costumes together, making the look like the performer attract multiple layers, even though it’s simply one piece. For instance, this deserve to be accomplished by sewing only the collar that a shirt within a sweater.

From the outside, it looks like a regular sweater with whole shirt below, when in reality, that one piece of clothing.

All that these techniques make the whole quick readjust act possible and enables actors to adjust their costumes in seconds (or even faster).

Putting the clothes earlier on

In some cases, the actor requirements to put a new set of clothes on as quick as possible. When their present costume is gotten rid of with the defined methods above, an assistant usually helps them through their brand-new piece.

Pooling garments

Pants and also skirts are pooled and also put ~ above the floor so the you deserve to see the ground through the foot holes. This enables the gibbs to accessibility the clothes very fast, and also the assistant deserve to pull them increase while the gibbs can focus on the upper part of his body.

Putting ~ above tops and shirts is commonly a many more challenging since many performers battle with recognize the armholes.

While the pants and also skirts deserve to be just pulled up and also are great to go, the tops have to be zipped or addressed in some means so they stay in place.

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Gathering up the arms of shirts

To do finding the armholes as simple as possible for the actor, the dresser should always gather the eight up and also hold castle in place.

This way, the assistant can guide the gibbs hands straight in the armholes and also safe that a many time.

When all of the clothing are placed on, the dresser can have to fix them using zippers, magnets, or Velcros, so they remain in place. V the ideal clothing and also practice, the whole outfit change can occur in seconds.

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