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There’s a lot to be claimed for being able come make great small talk in one more language. Conversations have the right to start up and keep walk indefinitely with the appropriate people.

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But what can you speak about? possibly you’ve make the efforts talking about the weather however didn’t obtain terribly far.

Or possibly you’ve already met who in Romania and also gotten along with them, however you don’t understand what come talk around whenever you cave out.

The reality is, all you really need is this list. For starters, anyway, as you begin learning just how to wish someone a happy date of birth in Romanian and similar best wishes in Romanian.

Take a look at these different situations. Lock all represent life events, large or small, that can be the topic of a an excellent conversation. Every you need to do is take the initiative and also start chatting!

Table of Contents

1. Birthdays


We can’t pretend because that a minute that Romanians nothing celebrate birthdays. Lock do, and in style. Family members celebrate birthdays for your young children as shortly as they’re may be to, and also even right into adulthood most human being stick v the heritage of gaining together and spending time with an excellent friends.

La mulţi ani!Happy date of birth! (Literally: To countless years!)

You can likewise say happy birthday in Romanian this method (it’s miscellaneous you’ll mainly see top top cards):

Toate urările de bine!A Happy date of birth to you!

Or perhaps:

Zâmbeşte, iubeşte, trăieşte!Smile, love, live!

Another means to wish all the ideal in a an extremely friendly way in Romanian is: să ai un one bun, which literally way “I expect you’ll have a great year.” It refers to all 365 days of the year until that person’s next birthday!

How about a date of birth song? Well, to be honest, most young civilization see English together so trendy that they’d rather simply sing Happy birthday to You in English. And also yet, together Romanians, there’s tho something much an ext special about la mulţi ani, and that one’s not going far soon.

For a true Romanian date of birth song, inspect out Cine să trăiască, which means “Who is come live?” Hint: it’s the one who’s having the birthday.

2. Holidays

In this section, you’ll find out holiday greetings in Romanian because that the most renowned Romanian holidays.

Romania is a relatively religious country, specifically once it pertains to Christianity. Other religions nothing get virtually as much prominence in general Romanian culture. And also so as component of the classical Western European cultural tradition, Christmas is maybe the number-one Romanian holiday.

So, prepared to learn how to say funny Christmas in Romanian? as with in English, yes one an extremely useful expression that you deserve to use to say funny Christmas in Romanian. It can be a little hard to say, however everyone will certainly appreciate her attempt!

Crăciun fericit!Merry Christmas!

And what come after Christmas?

Why, it’s new Year’s Day, that course! In Romania, despite the cold, human being gather with each other on new Year’s night and brand-new Year’s Day to sing and also dance and also make merry. You can wish her Romanian friends a happy new year in Romanian v this phrase:

Să ai un one Nou fericit!Happy new Year!

Next is Easter, an additional popular vacation in Romania it is often celebrated in a festive way. The heritage of Easter egg searching is alive and also well in Romania, and also Easter fixed in the churches. To great someone a Happy Easter, just say Paşte fericit!

Valentine’s job is actually celebrated slightly in different way in Romania compared to in other countries. It just really entered the social consciousness in the last few years as an “international” holiday. Before that, there to be a lot older cultural holiday well-known as Dragobete, celebrated on February 24 to note a work of togetherness together spring arrives.

As for proper Valentine’s day wishes, this is one ar where you’d better personalize it! You’ll watch the English expression “Happy Valentine’s Day” the end and around (particularly in advertisements), however if you’re dating a Romanian, shot to put a little an ext effort right into it 보다 that. There space no collection phrases here—just love native the heart.

3. Weddings and also Anniversaries


Before a wedding can happen, there’s obviously got to it is in a proposal and also an engagement. Stop say you’ve uncovered out about the engagement of one of your friends native a article on social media. You can message them and also say:

After that, it’s anyone’s guess as to when the yes, really wedding ceremony will occur. In Romania, numerous weddings typically occur in churches, as an extremely formal events. Or at least, for component of it. The remainder of the ceremony is almost specific to critical well into the night, and you’d much better have a good excuse if you want to get any kind of sleep!

Accordingly, one of the “strongest” develops of congratulations in Romanian you can provide is usually uncovered at weddings, whether in speeches, in cards, or over a for sure handshake.

Casă de piatră şi felicitări!Warm wishes and congratulations!

Felicitări mirelui şi miresei pentru fericitul eveniment!Congratulations to the bride and also groom on your happy union!

If did you do it been invited to the wedding, it is great. But if girlfriend can’t do it, and also you’d still favor to send the happy pair your greetings, you have the right to use this Romanian wedding congratulations phrase.

Felicitări pentru unirea destinelor!Congratulations on tie the knot!

After a wedding, there’s simply one much more thing that world tend come celebrate—at least in this realm of life. That’s the anniversary, and also the way people to speak “happy anniversary” in Romanian no much various from exactly how it’s done in English.

Aniversare frumoasă!Happy anniversary!

The concept of the “silver” (argint), or 25-year, and also the “gold” (aur), or 50-year, anniversaries are well-known in Romania too.

Felicitări cu ocazia nunţii de aur!Congratulations top top your gold anniversary!

4. Babies


A new baby way a lot. The a new member of the family, a new mind trying out the world, and a whole brand-new stage of life because that the parents.

In comparison to several of the various other well-wishes we’ve looked in ~ before, Romanian congratulations for new parents is rather various from English. The typical message of congratulations is much more like a little poem or wish.

Să vă trăiască și să fie sănătos!May lock live for you, may they it is in healthy!

That covers that pretty fine for talk to human being in person. The following two phrases space a little bit less personal, and also so they will do be good for cards or emails.

Felicitări pentru noul sosit!Congratulations on your new arrival!

Am fost încântaţi să aflăm despre naşterea bebelușului/ bebelușei vostru / voastre.We to be so happy to hear the the bear of your brand-new baby boy / girl.

5. Graduation or scholastic Success

Romania might not have actually the global prestige that other nations when it comes to universities, yet nevertheless, every year thousands of excellent graduates throw their caps in the air and embark on the next stage of their development.

When it concerns graduates, the form of points you say and the method you say them are most likely to be fairly different, depending on whether she graduating in the same course or if you’re just talking to someone who’s finished your school.

For the very first case, you can use this phrase for lightly teasing someone that did yes, really well in your classes.

Cine este geniul nostru?Who’s this genius?

Now, here are part phrases girlfriend can incorporate in much more formal or less personal messages.

Felicitări cu ocazia absolvirii!Congratulations on your graduation!

Felicitări pentru grasp şi mult noroc în viitor!Congratulations top top the Master’s degree, and lots of lucky in the future!

6. Rectal Success


Do you know anyone who up for a promotion? Or maybe looking to switch careers? Generally, in Romania many companies try to preserve a culture of friendship, especially if you’ve to be working through the same civilization for a long time.

If who you recognize is walking to take it a big leap in their expert life, encourage them v these phrases.

Îţi urăm noroc şi succes.We great you luck and success.

O poți face!You have the right to do it!

And then, assuming every little thing all worked out for them, congratulations are in order!

Felicitări pentru obţinerea postului!Congratulations top top your brand-new job!

Mult noroc pe viitor!Best that luck because that the future!

7. Negative News in General


We’ll take a brief detour right here into miscellaneous a tiny less upbeat.

It’s vital to know just how to accordingly offer condolences in Romanian to others as soon as they’ve met v misfortune in your lives. If you understand someone who going with a unstable patch, girlfriend should absolutely reach out to them.

However, be mindful here. Make certain you mean what girlfriend say. Romanians take friendships seriously, and that method you can’t simply shoot turn off a rapid text and expect it to be obtained the same as if you had actually visited in human being with flowers.

In short, it is in genuine, and if her Romanian isn’t really strong, perhaps stick come English or another shared language if you don’t feel very confident through these phrases yet.

Below room some finest wishes in Romanian for when a friend is going with a rough time, to obtain you started.

1- Funerals

You might think the a Romanian funeral would be really somber occasion. And also it’s true; there’s definitely a place for major formality. However, Romanian funeral traditions can be fairly diverse.

At together an occasion, you’ll definitely hear this phrase:

Dumnezeu să-l odihnească în pace!May God remainder him in peace!

Although there might be celebrations the life, the far, far far better to err top top the next of being also formal once you give your condoleanţe or “condolences.” below are part elegant Romanian condolences you deserve to use come comfort rather in their time that loss.

Gândurile noastre sunt alături de tine în aceste momente dificile.Our thoughts room with you throughout this complicated time.

Ne pare foarte rău pentru pierderea suferită.We are an extremely sorry to hear of your loss.

În aceste clipe grele prin care treci să nu uiţi că suntem alături de tine.Do not forget the we room with girlfriend in this complicated time.

2- negative Health

Nowadays, it appears like human being rarely send get-well cards. However that doesn’t typical they go unappreciated. Whether you’re enduring from a really bad cold or security a couple of days in the hospital, it constantly feels an excellent to recognize if you on somebody’s mind.

Însănătoşire grabnică!Get well soon!

Însănătoşirea space nevoie de timp. Îţi doresc tot binele din lume.Healing take away time. I wish you all the best.

Mă gândesc la tine tot timpul!Thinking that you!

Nu pot să-ți iau suferința, dar sufăr alături de tine.I can’t take her pain, yet I experience with you.

Any that these can sound a small cheesy, especially if you display up with a card and also a vast bouquet when somebody’s just down v the sniffles. Again, though, it’s far better to be assumed of together somebody that cares too much than somebody who cares as well little.

8. Good News in General


And in order to finish on a happy note, let’s look at just a few more phrases you have the right to use for any type of kind of catch-all great stuff. Coming to be familiar with these congratulations in Romanian way that you’ll have the ability to quickly and also fluently worship or encourage people, no matter what they’re encountering in life.


Să fie într-un ceas bun!Have a great time!

And finally, below are two more general phrases that are much more fitting for a congratulatory email or social media post—they just sound a little stiff when spoken aloud come a close friend.

Bine lucrat cu …Well done on…

Îţi urez succes în…I wish you success in…

9. Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed learning about Romanian life occasion messages, and other finest wishes in Romanian, through tasiilaq.net. Go you find out anything brand-new today? room there still some life occasions you want messages for? allow us recognize in the comments!

It may seem the we’ve extended just around all over there is in a person’s life, yet as it turns out, the human being experience is for this reason much much more than just a series of necessary events.

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These represent points where you have the right to hopefully spark a conversation or make some call with somebody else. What end up continue a lot of the time is that you’re conscious a friend or partner of yours has actually something important coming up, and also then you try out among these phrases.

Pleasantly surprised, they start asking girlfriend (in Romanian) how you recognize that saying, and also the sphere keeps rolling indigenous there. Perhaps after that, you’re invite to a wedding or a graduation party. You never know!

After that, will your Romanian be up to the task? far better take a look in ~ the rest of our materials here on tasiilaq.net.