Want come know exactly how to to speak ‘happy birthday’ in Turkish? she in the appropriate place. It’s always nice to wish someone a happy birthday on their distinct day yet why not perform it in a language that method something to them.As well together wishing her loved one a happy date of birth in Turkish, why not likewise sing the Turkish variation of the happy date of birth song! read on come learn much more about this.

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How to Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Turkish

To wish someone a happy birthday in Turkish, you can say:Happy birthdayIyi ki doğdun
This expression is used to typical ‘happy birthday’ however it literally translates to ‘I’m happy you were born’.

Pronunciation note:

The letter ‘ğ’ is a quiet letter therefore is not pronounced.The letter ‘ü’ renders a ‘u’ sound prefer the ‘u’ in words ‘cute’.The letter ‘ş’ is pronounce ‘sh’. The letter ‘ı’ renders an ‘uh’ sound like the ‘i’ in ‘cousin’. Alternatively, you can also use several of these phrases:Congratulations on her birthdayDoğum günün kutlu olsunTo countless yearsNice yaşlaraHappy yearsMutlu yıllar
The expression ‘doğum günün kutlu olsun’ is one of the most typical ways to wish someone a happy date of birth in addition to the phrase ‘iyi ki doğdun’. The expression ‘to plenty of years’ is used to to speak ‘I great you many more years the life’. Check out the below video clip to hear the joint of this phrases:
If you’re speak to someone one-of-a-kind then you’ll want to know just how to speak I love friend in Turkish.

How To sing Happy date of birth In Turkish

If you desire to walk the extra mile for your loved one or friend, try singing the happy birthday tune in Turkish. You will do it be happy to understand it’s the very same tune together the English version, they simply sing the in Turkish.Check the end the video clip below come hear the Turkish date of birth song:
Here’s the text so you deserve to sing along:“Iyi ki doğdun sanaİyi ki doğdun sanaİyi ki doğdun, İyi ki doğdunİyi doğdun sana”You can likewise replace words ‘sana’ which means ‘you’ in Turkish v the date of birth person’s name. That is an additional common way to song this song in Turkey.This equates to:“Happy date of birth to you!Happy date of birth to you!Happy birthday, happy birthdayHappy date of birth to you!”Thanks for analysis this write-up on how to say ‘happy birthday’ in Turkish. It’s a an excellent idea to do the initiative to learn exactly how to say this in someone’s indigenous language or a language that means something to them.Your loved one or friend will be so impressed!Related posts:
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