If you’re plan to invest the Winter holidays in Romania and also want to admire locals with your knowledge of the language (swearing doesn’t count!), you might want to know how to say funny Christmas in Romanian, or maybe how come wish somebody a Happy brand-new Year.

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In today’s article, we’re going come talk around all this winter-greetings and you’ll quickly improve your understanding of the Romanian language.

We did a comparable article in the past as soon as I taught you exactly how to say i love girlfriend in Romanian and also hopefully friend haven’t forget since!

Now, obtaining to today’s topic, let’s learn some winter greetings and other holiday-related words in Romanian!

Santa Claus visiting our home for a an extremely “Craciun Fericit”

When it comes to Christmas in Romania, if you want more than greetings, girlfriend should know that that is customary come offer presents to her loved ones, and also friends and even partner at work. Because that the latter, don’t go overboard: just acquire something small and nice, yet not expensive.

Santa Claus usually arrives ~ above the 24th in the night (before youngsters go to bed), however in some cases, if the family accepts it, the presents can be uncovered on the 25th in the morning, under the Christmas tree.

We don’t have the heritage of offering Christmas cards (although nobody is uncomfortable if they receive one), nor to leaving milk and also cookies for Santa.

Also, the Christmas stockings space not a tradition below in Romania, so mean most gifts to come in box or bags and also the stockings to it is in found… nowhere.

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All in all, it doesn’t yes, really matter exactly how you celebrate Christmas and enjoy the winter holidays as long as you do. It’s simple to adapt and most essential is, in my opinion, to welcome them all v an open up heart.

And now you can also make an impression together you know just how to say merry Christmas in Romanian, and also how come wish someone A Happy new Year in Romanian!