The motion is periodically once, periodically twice, sometimes plural, depending on the contexts.

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Euphemism/meaning: no. Also meaning: don"t execute it.

Used via a very strong focus.

Related signs: NONE, NOT, NOPE.

Opposite: YES.

Printable / Written ASL

Written ASL digit for "NO" added by the ASLcompose community, 2018.

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Nine-year-old bilingual (to-be-multilingual) has actually acquired a small theoretical question.

Translation: If the ASL word YES moves up/dvery own, then why does not the ASL word/authorize NO relocate sideways?

This kid"s thought wasn"t the initially time. Tright here had actually been some civilization here and also tbelow that had the same wonder, consisting of myself in my early life. It"s a organic logic.

So, in case you can wonder why the ASL sign for NO is this way. Hypothetically, 1) It"s the phonetic point (nopoint to carry out with sound however to carry out with the brain and also its etymological processing). The sign NO is even more effective this method than the shaking "S" handform. It"s a herbal language point.

Etymology: Did you know that this ASL sign, which looks exceptionally a lot a non-fingerspelled develop itself, was actually lexicalized from two fingerspelled N and O? It was a loanword but nobody can thought of it as a loanword.

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