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Sneakers, high heels, sandals, etc.

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I recognize zapatos is simply "shoes", yet are there other words for other types of shoes?


yes over there are various words for various words. I recognize sandals are sandales. :amazed:

and tennis sneakers and also regular sneakers are really similar!


there are many ways come say all types of pair of shoes in spanish :grin:



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ILoveOrangeSoda 1

Posted September 12, 2016


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Posted September 12, 2016
tasiilaq.net it would rely were are you. If you were in Spain, you"d call them zapatillas (for instance, there is a song by a Spanish group referred to as that way). In my country, you"d contact them tennis. 

There are other words too for various other kinds of shoes, as well as of what has been mentioned before. For instance, there room the apargatas (called espadrilles in english) and menorquinas


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lingvo 11

Posted September 12, 2016


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Posted September 12, 2016

Don"t forget around the share "calzado" too. Is quite neutral to usage this word, so i encourage that to usage it. There is no means anyone may discover confusing under any type of circumstance.

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