The German language has actually many vibrant ways that expressing the one has actually reached the point of near-collapse from exhaustion:

“Ich bin…” (“I am…”)

“komplett…”/”total…”/“völlig…”/”absolut…” (“completely/totally/entirely/absolutely…”)

– “erschöpft” (“exhausted”)– “fertig” (“finished”)– “am Ende” (“at the end”)– “im Eimer” (“in the bucket”)– “k.o.” (“knocked out”)– “fix und fertig” (“finished”)– “kaputt” (“broken”)– “hundemüde” (“dog tired”)– “totmüde” (“dead tired”)– “ausgepumpt” (“pumped out”)– “alle” (“empty”)– “erledigt” (“finished”)

In less too much cases, the word “müde” (“tired”) will typically do simply fine!

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