When you take up French together a foreign language, there room a number of important phrases and sentences the you will have learn and also keep in ~ the ago of your mind. One such expression is “Welcome back”. In this short guide, we will certainly tell you just how you deserve to say Welcome back in French and all the various alterations the the expression that you will be utilizing while speaking the language. Us will start by learning the straightforward versions and then move on to alterations.

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There room a variety of foreign languages that you deserve to learn, that include an benefit and load to your personal knowledge and also your CV. Yet one that the most popular and beautiful foreign languages i m sorry is widely talked and official learned and taught throughout the world is French.
English: Welcome BackFrench: Content de dare revoirExamples utilizing this translation:English: Renee, Welcome BackFrench: Renee, contents de dare revoirEnglish: So an excellent to view you againFrench: Je suis contents de dare revoirOther translations the the same phrase in French include:Bienvenuete revoilabienvenuheureux de vous revoirravi de vous revoirvous revoilaExamples:BienvenueEnglish: Welcome ago to the team, friend.French: Bienvenue dans l’équipe, mon ami.te revoilaEnglish: Welcome earlier to the free World French: dare revoila dans le monde libre.bienvenuEnglish: Welcome back to the Hotel.French: Bienvenu à votre hôtel.heureux de vous revoirEnglish: Welcome earlier to the family.French: Heureux de vous revoir dans la famille.ravi de vous revoirEnglish: grandfather Davidson, welcome back.French: M. Davidson, ravi de vous revoir.vous revoilaEnglish: Welcome Back, ultimately from a tiresome trip.French: Vous Revoila, enfin d’un voyage fatiguant.Let us now relocate on come the versions of this phrase used as few of the significant parts of speech.

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“Welcome Back” used as Adverbs

French: Bon retour, contente de vous revoirExamples of utilizing the Adverb variation of the phrase:English: Welcome earlier to the show.French: Bon retour dans lemission.English: Welcome back, grandfather SmithFrench: Contente de vous revoir, M. Smith.

“Welcome Back” used as Adjectives

French: content de car revoir, contente de vous revoir, Contente de dare revoirEnglish: Jack, Welcome Back.French: Jack, content de car revoir.English: Welcome back, Ladies!French: Contente de vous revoir.English: Well, Welcome BackFrench: Contente de car revoir.

“Welcome Back” supplied as Verb

French: accueillir de nouveauEnglish: now Welcome earlier our old girlfriend Uncle WillieFrench: Maintenant, d’accueillir de nouveau notre viel vieil ami Oncle Willie

“Welcome Back” offered as Noun

French: accueilEnglish: and also this is mine Welcome back gift for you.French: Et c’est mon cadeau de accueil pour vous.Now the we have seen the miscellaneous French versions of the phrase Welcome Back, you may now have a fair idea of exactly how to say Welcome earlier in French in its assorted usage advertisement versions.Let us currently look at miscellaneous other versions and also alterations that the phrase and also how you have the right to use them.
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Are over there alterations the the Phrase?

Apart indigenous the straight translations that the phrase and its intake in miscellaneous forms, you can use the phrase in its various alterations as well.
Let us look in ~ the various other alterations the the “Welcome Back” phrase:English: Welcome earlier HomeFrench: Accueillir à la MaisonEnglish: Welcome ago from her long and tiring journey.French: Bienvenue de retour de votre lengthy et fatiguant voyage.English: Welcome ago from your continue to be at the hospital. Expect you room recovering well.French: Bon retour de votre séjour à l’hôpital. J’espère que vous vous rétablissez bien.English: Welcome Back, friend – hope you had actually some an excellent years of functioning abroad.French: Bienvenue, ami – j’espère que vous avez passé de bonnes années à travailler à l’étranger.

And room there typical phrases to answer these welcomes?

Now that you recognize all the different translations, versions and the consumption of the expression Welcome back in French, let us look in ~ some conventional phrases that can assist you answer to together Welcome Wishes as well.
English: give thanks to You, that nice to it is in back.French: Merci, c’est agréable d’être de retour.English: Thanks, great to receive such a warmth welcome.French: Merci, c’est bien de recevoir un accueil aussi chaleureux.English: say thanks to You, that a an excellent feeling come be earlier in the team.French: Merci, c’est un cool sentiment d’être de retour dans l’équipe.

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Apart from that you deserve to use phrases and words together per her liking and an option that best fits the greeting and also the greeting statement used.