Naruto: height 10 the strongest Jutsu that Hatake Kakashi among the most an effective Jutsu users in Naruto is Kakashi Hatake. Below are the 10 stongest Jutsu that his, ranked.

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renowned as the Copy Ninja, Kakashi Hatake is just one of the many important characters in Masashi Kishimoto"s Naruto series. Together the Jonin leader that Team 7, Kakashi offer the duty of guiding the likes that Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno to their goals.

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Being among the strongest characters in the series, Kakashi has actually a plethora of an effective Jutsu the he"s learned or developed over the years. While lot of that is under to the usage of his Sharingan, Kakashi"s genius mind is what truly renders him a grasp of every arts. Right here are the 10 strongest well-known techniques the Kakashi ever seen.

Kakashi Hatake is one of the very couple of users of the Rasengan technique, as watched in Naruto Shippuden. Although the doesn"t use it much, Kakashi mastered this Jutsu at quite a young age.

However, since Raikiri is much better for him come use, Kakashi relies on it much more than the Rasengan. Consequently, his usage of the Rasengan shows up to be rather dull when contrasted to the likes that Naruto Uzumaki or Jiraiya.

Chidori is an A-ranked Jutsu emerged by Kakashi Hatake during his time under Minato Namikaze.

Literally an interpretation One thousands Birds, this method makes usage of lightning format chakra in the palm that the user to create a powerful thrust-based technique, however, over there doesn"t show up to be any type of shape-manipulation, i m sorry is why the is a weaker variation of Kakashi"s signature technique.

Kakashi was a Sharingan user for the bulk of his ninja life and also was, thus, very reliant top top it. His prowess with the eye was said to be on par through that of an Uchiha, that actually have the right to inherit the Sharingan technique, unlike Kakashi, to whom it was given.

Using this eye, Kakashi was able to cast a powerful genjutsu ~ above his opponents, simply as any other Sharingan user could. However, due to the fact that this an approach wasn"t all the powerful, he barely ever relied top top it.

7 Raiden

Kakashi, being a master of lightning release ninjutsu, is may be to do high-level methods without any kind of trouble, Raiden being among them.

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When used, Kakashi creates a shadow-clone and connects two lightning cutters through a strong of lightning i m sorry is then provided to electrocute the opponent. Back it"s location isn"t known, it is a mix of two S-Ranked techniques, an interpretation it is quite an effective itself.

Raikiri, nicknamed Lightning Cutter, is the signature an approach of Kakashi Hatake and also a far better version that the Chidori. Like the Chidori, the Raikiri is a thrust-based method that depends on speed and penetration power to end the foe instantly.

However, unlike the Chidori, this Jutsu shows up to be much more concentrated, making it hit all the harder and also faster. While the Chidori is one A-ranked Jutsu, the Raikiri is one S-ranked Jutsu.

5 Shiden

Shiden, additionally known together Purple Electricity, is one of the strongest and also newest methods of Kakashi Hatake. After losing his Sharingan throughout the Fourth great Ninja War, Kakashi might no longer rely ~ above the Raikiri or the Chidori.

Instead, he occurred a more powerful technique, recognized as Shiden, which he could use native a distance. Choose Raikiri, this an approach is extremely an effective and have the right to tear v the limbs of someone together mighty as a Tailed Beast.

Kamui is the Mangekyo Sharingan capability of Obito Uchiha. Kakashi, having derived one Sharingan eye from Obito, gained accessibility to this capacity during the Third good Ninja War, however, the didn"t learn how to use it until lot later.

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When performed, Kakashi gained the capability to warp anything in ~ a short range from him come the dimension of Kamui. As expected, this Jutsu is just one of Kakashi"s strongest to date.

3 Kamui (Short Variant)

The brief variant the Kamui was offered by Obito Uchiha throughout most of the Naruto series. After acquiring both of the eyes throughout the Fourth an excellent Ninja War, Kakashi additionally gained accessibility to the other Kamui version.

Unlike the lengthy variant, this version permitted Kakashi to usage Kamui on himself or anyone incredibly close come him. By sending his body components to the Kamui dimension, Kakashi might make himself appear intangible, i m sorry is one incredibly an effective ability to have.

after gaining accessibility to both Mangekyo Sharingan during the Fourth great Ninja War, Kakashi Hatake additionally managed come awaken the strength of the Susanoo.

Powered by the Six paths chakra of Obito, this Susanoo was more powerful than most others checked out in the series. Since it additionally had the strength of Kamui, Kakashi"s Susanoo was well-known to be incredibly an effective and it might even placed up a fight versus Kaguya Otsutsuki.

1 Kamui Raikiri

Kamui Raikiri is the strongest recognized Jutsu the Kakashi Hatake. Combine the powers of Kamui v that that a Raikiri intensified with Six routes chakra, Kakashi to be able to produce a surefire method powerful sufficient to injure even the likes of Kaguya Otsutsuki.

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This method is incredibly fast and at the exact same time, cannot be countered. Unfortunately, Kakashi just had accessibility to it for as long as he had Obito"s powers within his body.

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