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Abe Pastor
Appliance Repairman

Hello Warmoth,

You may be referring to the child lock feature on her GE microwave. Countless microwave regulate panels have the right to be locked to stop accidental use or access by children. Once a microwave is locked,a small \"L\" will appear in the corner of the display as a reminder that the control panel is locked. If anyone make the efforts to use the microwave, the screen will present \"LOCK\".

There are 2 means to unlock the control panel:

- to unlock the control: Press and also hold the CLEAR/OFF pad for about 3-5 seconds

- Or organize the 5 and 7 pad concurrently for 3-5 seconds.

This have to turn turn off the locking feature and you can currently use the microwave. Please let me recognize if girlfriend are already satisfied with the answer by replying to this message I will certainly be wait for her response.



Key pad has actually a lock symbolwith a an essential inside the lock. It pops increase evertime friend touch controI panel. It does not permit you to obtain to numbers key pad.

Please respond. Warmoth


Abe Pastor
Appliance Repairman

Thanks for replying. Deserve to you try these procedures please:

Press and hold the \"Clear/Off\" switch on your microwave oven\"s keypad for about three seconds.

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Wait for the \"L,\" which shows the microwave is locked, to disappear from the display.