In A Christmas Carol, just how does Scrooge try to "extinguish the light"? Did the succeed? What is the prize of the light?

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as soon as the soul of Christmas Past appears before him, Scrooge desire "to see the spirit in his cap"; the is, to cover the light of knowledge from memories that it spreads v the room. 

"What!" exclaimed the Ghost, "would friend so soon placed out, with worldly hands, the irradiate I...

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When the heart of Christmas Past shows up before him, Scrooge desire "to view the soul in his cap"; that is, to cover the light of expertise from memories that it spreads with the room. 

"What!" exclaimed the Ghost, "would you so soon placed out, with worldly hands, the light i give? Is it not enough that you are among those who passions made this cap, and force me through whole trains of year to stay it short upon my brow?"

However, that is unable to perform this since the soul of the previous is too solid with its lengthy muscular arms. Memory"s light persists. As soon as Scrooge disclaims any type of intention of "bonneting" the heart at any kind of time in his life, the soul refutes this claim by saying that it has actually come for Scrooge"s "reclamation." it orders Scrooge to was standing up and walk with him. As soon as the spirit moves toward the window, Scrooge pleads v it the the weather and also the hour are not suitable for travel, however the heart tells Scrooge come lay his hand ~ above its heart. As Scrooge walk so, they are swept far to the time when he was a boy. Memories begin to overwhelming Scrooge"s mind and also he "reclaims" the storage of his young self as a lonely boy. This recall of his very own misery reminds him the a young was singing a Christmas Carol in ~ his door and he ignored him. Now, however, the sheds a tear, wipes his eyes and also tells the Spirit, "I have to like come have given him something; that"s all."

Thus, the knowledge detailed by storage of one"s very own loneliness and misery extends its light right into the heart of Scrooge and he realizes the he should have relieved an additional boy"s same misery with a kindness to him.