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Tattoos space as popular as ever, yet that no mean obtaining one isn’t a big decision.

For many, the process of deciding on future human body art can be painstakingly deliberate. Because that others, it’s about spontaneity and also getting inked “in the moment.”

No matter just how you’ve arrived in the parlor chair, you will do it likely notice your tattoo artist using tattoo transport paper. The record that tattoo artist supplies is a carbon copy that leaves an rundown on her skin that the design. If you’ve ever before had fun v fake tattoos together a kid, the a comparable concept.

Transfer paper is a have to to for sure a tattoo is sharp, proportionate, and exactly as intended.

We’ll talk about what tattoo transfer file is and also illustrate how to usage tattoo transfer files for aspiring tattoo artists and curious minds.


Hectograph/Freehand Tattoo carry PaperThermographic Tattoo deliver Papers

Two Options: Hectograph or Thermograph

To start, there room two different types of tattoo move paper:

Hectograph tattoo deliver paperThermographic move paper

Hectograph transfer papers are carbon copy sheets that very closely mimic the process of using a childhood tattoo. The only difference is that you or the artist are drawing the tattoo. You may hear people refer to these together “freehand carry papers,” as well.

The 2nd option is a thermographic move paper, a more facility process entailing a thermogenic image transfer.

Each choice makes transferring photos to her skin substantially easier and exponentially much more accurate 보다 eyeballing one outline.

Hectograph/Freehand Tattoo transfer Paper


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Hectograph or manual transfer records are a convenient way to transfer photos on tattoo paper. If you recognize this method, learning exactly how to usage tattoo transfer paper is simple.

These are three-layered carbon copy sheets similar to what friend would see in a hand-operated typewriter. The peak sheet is whereby you’ll attract the tattoo design, the center sheet removes when you begin, and also the bottom paper is the carbon whereby the illustration will transfer.

Step 1

The process is simple. Attract your tattoo design on the peak sheet allowing it to copy down onto the bottom sheet. As soon as you’ve done that, friend can reduced out her design and also begin come prepare your skin.

Step 2

You have the right to use a product called Stencil remain on her skin to remove imperfections and ensure that the picture comes through sharply and also accurately.

Step 3

When your skin is ready, you will do it align the transfer file on the location where you desire the tattoo. It may take a couple of tries for you to acquire it right. Take her time. The last thing you desire is a tattoo in a place or position you no expect.

Step 4

Once you’ve aligned the sheet with confidence, wet it through a wet sponge or fabric by wiping ago and forth.

Step 5

Remove the tattoo stencil transfer record and inspect to ensure that the architecture looks exactly on the skin. This kind of tattoo stencil transfer document is reasonably inexpensive and also easy to use, for this reason you have the right to wipe that off and give it one more go if you’re not happy v what friend see.

There are several colors available to ensure maximum visibility, relying on your skin tone.

Thermographic Tattoo transfer Papers


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Thermal transfer records consist the four distinct layers. The optimal layer is whereby the style will transfer over. It’s coated in a thin, disposable layer the protects the from dust and also dirt.

Beneath the is a purple ink layer, which is the same as the carbon sheet from the vault method—this class aids in transferring your image.

The last layer is a yellow sheet the acts as a support for the rest of the sheets. This class is there to hold whatever in place and protect the carbon paper from obtaining damaged or dirty.

Step 1

Create your style on a continual sheet the white file using a pencil.

Step 2

When you finished, on slide the sheet between the purple ink layer and also the yellow bottom sheet. Your illustration will currently be the third sheet in heat from height to bottom.

Step 3

Now you’ll insert all four sheets of document into a thermogenic move maker. These space in most tattoo artist shops. If not, examine your neighborhood printing shop.

Step 4

After you’ve run the files through the machine, make certain you remove the peak piece of paper to find your design underneath. Prepare her skin the same means as before and also position the document on your skin.

Step 5

Smooth out the sheet and apply press to make sure that the picture transfers properly. As soon as you pull earlier the thermal paper, you must see the full drawing represented on your skin.


Here room some usual questions us receive concerning how to usage tattoo transfer paper.

Q: can you use a continuous printer because that tattoo transfer paper?A: If you have temporary tattoo paper and a printer, you can make a tattoo stencil transport paper, however it i will not ~ be that the exact same quality.

Q: Where deserve to you to buy a transfer paper?A: you can find tattoo transfer record on Amazon, Walmart, and possibly neighborhood tattoo shops. There are additionally cases where we’ve seen civilization use parchment paper, wax paper, and also even vaseline to carry tattoo images.


Needing to eliminate a tattoo is the last thing anyone ever before wants come do. It’s much more painful than the initial process, that is costly, and it is inconvenient.

Using tattoo transfer paper along with the procedures mentioned over is the closest friend can come to getting a an excellent look in ~ the design on her skin prior to you provide your artist the green light.

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While we can’t promise you’ll never ever outgrow any of your tattoos, you can considerably reduce the danger of remorse or discontent by seeing a non-permanent variation of the design an initial using move paper.