the monster assures to praise victor as a god if he helps him alternative d is correct.

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the monster promises to be “mild and also docile to my organic lord and also king” if victor will execute his part, something the the creature felt the victor owed him. He speak victor the he have to be his adam.

moreover, the monster endangers to injury victors household if victor doesn’t assist him.

the biology promise to leaving victor and his friends and also family alone if he adheres to his conditions. If victor refuses, however, the creature vows,

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” ns will work at your destruction, nor finish until ns desolate your heart, so that you candlestick curse the hour of your birth.”

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the price is a because the native shack is a negative means to speak home.

a. Since there is no conjunction after ~ the comma



i might not look choose you

but i’ll tho stand alongside you

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i’ll put myself in her shoes

the way i look is no what ns choose

i am simply the same as you are

together we room in our hearts


i think the if juliet’s father had known the wouldnt have been so against there relationship. Yet sneaking about kinda do is worse.

a classification to i beg your pardon a native is assigned in accordance v its syntacticworks. In english the key parts of speech room noun, pronoun, adjective, determiner, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and also interjection.

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