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Information about the train indigenous Seattle to Coeur d"Alene. The train is among the safest settings of transportation in existence, and offers a comfortable environment for you to relax on your journey native Seattle to Coeur d"Alene. Ideal of all, acquiring from Seattle come Coeur d"Alene is budget-friendly, through train tickets starting at simply $44. This is one estimate, for this reason please call the train ticket seller straight for specific information.

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According to our database, the ideal route to go from Seattle to Coeur d"Alene is v Spokane Valley. Take it a look in ~ the path we suggest for this trip. We show you all easily accessible schedules for each train trip.

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Coeur d"Alene
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Train indigenous Seattle WA come Spokane valley WA

Seattle Station


Spokane sink Station

16h 48m




Seattle Station


Spokane sink Station

12h 58m



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Seattle Station


Spokane sink Station




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Train from Spokane valley WA to Coeur d"Alene ID

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Frequently inquiry questions

How have the right to I acquire cheap train tickets to walk from Seattle come Coeur d"Alene?

If you desire to gain cheap train tickets from Seattle to Coeur d"Alene we recommend the you book in advance as the finest Amtrak tickets sell out fast.The cheapest ticket is commonly $44 and the most expensive one to go to Coeur d"Alene is approximately $109. .Remember the you must also include the cost of the journey: Spokane sink -> Coeur d"Alene

What time is the very first train from Seattle?

The first trains for the path we propose are:Seattle -> Spokane Valley: 07:25 Spokane valley -> Coeur d"Alene: -

What service providers can aid me on mine trip?

The carriers that can assist you are: Amtrak.

How can I get ticket refund top top Amtrak?

Each agency has that rules and also depending on the ticket, price, and offer different refund plans apply. Us recommend the you call the firm where you bought the ticket to get a solution.

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Why execute I see an ext than one action on the course Seattle - Coeur d"Alene?

In Goticket we shot to give a systems for every trip the user asks. Periodically is not feasible but we perform our ideal to group various train direct routes to in stimulate to create a multi-step journey the satisfies the user. This is the path we recommend:: 1.- Seattle -> Spokane Valley2.- Spokane sink -> Coeur d"Alene

How far is Seattle indigenous Coeur d"Alene?

The approximate distance between the two places is 482 km. Through the route we propose, it will take approximately 8h (plus the moment it takes to you to make: Spokane sink -> Coeur d"Alene).