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Trip Summary

There are 3 day-to-day trains indigenous Milwaukee come Wisconsin Dells. Travel by train indigenous Milwaukee to Wisconsin Dells usually takes approximately 2 hours, however the more quickly Amtrak empire Builder train can make the trip in one hour and 57 minutes.

Distance102 mi (164 km)
Fastest train1h 57m
Lowest price$21.00
Trains per day2
Most constant serviceAmtrak empire Builder
Train lines2

In the last month, $21.17 was the mean price the a train ticket native Milwaukee, WI to Wisconsin Dells, WI. This is about as inexpensive as train tickets ever get. You can expect to discover tickets at the price or lower if you publication your trip at least 27 job in advance. Otherwise, intend to pay roughly $10.56 much more than the for a same-day booking.

over the next 30 days, the average price of a one-way train expedition from Milwaukee to Wisconsin Dells will vary between $21 and also $26. To plan a train expedition to Wisconsin Dells within the upcoming week? The cheapest train ticket friend can uncover from Milwaukee over the next 7 days is $21. Make sure to book your pilgrimage as quickly as feasible as train fares often tend to go up together you acquire closer come your take trip date.

If you space trying to decide when to travel from Milwaukee to Wisconsin Dells by train for this reason you deserve to score the best possible deal, your ideal bet would be to arrangement your trip for January. That’s once the typical price for a train ticket is supposed to be simply $22 – the lowest of the year.

Alternatively, if you setup to travel from Milwaukee come Wisconsin Dells in August, mean to spend an ext on your train trip, together the typical ticket price usually surges to $30 at that time of year. However, if you book your trip ahead that time, you have actually a high chance of scoring a ticket at a reduced price.

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If you desire to score the ideal deal, friend should plan to publication your train pilgrimage online ~ above at the very least 27 days front of time. If you do that, her train ticket come Wisconsin Dells native Milwaukee will be around $10.56 cheaper contrasted to what you would pay if you publication at the last minute.

2 train services run from Milwaukee, Wisconsin come Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Amtrak empire Builder usually has more trains scheduled, v 2 trips every day. The said, it's still precious comparing the prices and also trip durations: