The Honda 230 dust bike, additionally known as the CRF230F, was produced from 2004 come 2019. During this time, Honda additionally released the street-legal Honda CRF230L and also the supermotard Honda CRF230M. Each readily available simplicity, versatility, and also function.

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The Honda 230 dust Bike is an air-cooled 223-cc dual-sport bike the is both durable and also reliable. This well-known two-wheeler capitalized ~ above Honda’s factory MX ergonomics and boasted one EFI/carburetion system and plush suspension.

This entry-level bike is excellent for beginners. You deserve to leisurely drive trails, go racing in the dunes or usage it as a daily ride. When the share Honda CRF230F might be a little choked up, over there are numerous mods you can include to enhance it. Clear this and much more as you continue to learn around the dust bike’s history, specs, and also features in this article.

Many Honda enthusiasts compare the Honda 230 dirt Bike to the larger XR200R, thought about the greatest trail bike ever produced. In regards to size, lock are similar except for the 230F seating position, which appears slightly roomier yet narrower. The footpegs had actually improved indigenous the XR200R’s weak loops. Neither of that is forks no one shock has any kind of external damping convey knobs or screws, and cannot it is in remodeled.

In place of the oil filter is an interior centrifugal filter the spins contaminants the end of the oil. It collection them in an internal disk the you have the right to clean by removing the engine next cover. The bike’s exhaust is really quiet, with the stock diffuser mounted (rated 82 dB). Otherwise, the is fairly noisy because that trail riding. A short skid plate only covers component of the front under tubes however not the bottom structure rails.

Comparing to the XR200R, updates encompass an electric start, former disk brake, slick-looking silencer, beefier footpegs, shifter, brake pedal, and a more robust frame. The 230 dust bike’s stronger framework and much better suspension include stability over turbulent terrain. The former disk brake add to confidence together well, particularly for inexperienced riders. The Honda 230 dirt Bike was primarily sold in the U.S., Asia, and Belgium, wherein Honda motor Europe Ltd marketed the underEasy Enduro.

Next Level Up

While the Honda 230 dust Bike is exceptionally underrated, it is indeed not perfect. Several of its solid points have actually trade-offs choose seat height, slow warm-up, and small footpegs. Yet like any type of other quality bikes the Honda produces, the CRF230F’s performance and also handling can be further enhanced with a couple of adjustments and add-ons. Here are part suggestions:

Performance. Replace the stock jet (main, pilot, and also cold start) if you happen to have a carbureted Honda 230 dust Bike, together it take away a if to warmth up. This action will boost throttle solution and open up mid-range and low-range and help with idling. If you’re making use of your follow bike because that desert racing, installation it with a 520 yellow X-ring chain will rise durability. You can also change sprockets (to make your bike much less torquey and enable optimal usage of gears) and also upgrading the stator to 70 watts.Handling. Do former forks and also spring upgrades to her Honda 230 dust Bike to do it usable by more heavier riders, together the CRF230F constructed seems to cater to little and mid-sized riders. Readjust your tires for improved versatility on different types of terrain. Get brand-new footpegs because that a broader grip, a lithium battery to replace the stock, and also 7/8″ aluminum handlebars because that a more aggressive riding place if you prefer to ride standing up.Protection. These items space a need to as they safeguard the parts of your two-wheeler that regularly bruise or puncture. Handguards will defend handlebars from break if you drop the bike come its side. One off-road skid plate will certainly shield the bottom the the motorcycle. And also an aluminum brake pedal through an anchor will certainly ensure the the pedal doesn’t detach from the bike must it struggle anything hard while you room riding.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

How fast does a 230 dirt bike go?Depending ~ above the trim, the peak speed deserve to go anywhere from 65 to 75 mph. Replacing the share exhaust v an aluminum exhaust system and also the stock battery v a lithium kind will take off at least 10 lbs indigenous the stock weight and also increase max rate by 2 to 5 mph.How lot HP walk a CRF 230 have?The marketed horsepower for the Honda 230 dust Bike ranges from 14 to 19 (rounded off), depending upon the trim. Both the CRF230F and CRF230L have actually 18.63 HP (13.7 kW)