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I"ve had actually my 97 Fourtrax in fifth gear a couple of times and thought i was going nice fast however when I inspect my general practitioners program it claims max speed roughly 25. I"m certain these things have the right to go faster than that. What is the peak speed of a Fourtrax 300?

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I had my old 1993 fourtrax wound out approximately 53. The engine to be screaming though and definitely hard on it.

I had actually a 2000 Fourtrax 300 -- I had actually a add on speedometer on it -- it optimal at 48 miles -- good bike -- sometimes I wish had still had it.
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43 is as rapid I"ve had actually my 96 so far,still had throttle left,this is as fast as I can get till mine turn-off.That"s what my gps said anyways.First opportunity I acquire in a lengthy straight stretch the will gain wound out:laugh::icon_gd:
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My bayou will do about 45, the fourtrax will do a tiny less, you deserve to really feeling the all time 4 wheel drag over 20 or so, usually have the throttle buried to get over 30...
Whatever is currently in one piece... 400 prairie v stuff, 300 fourtrax, 500 sportsman, yz 125...
99 foutrax 4x4 did around 57
So, I"m 14 and had my 99 since i was 11. Bought myself. Well, that does about 57 mph with an old hay field. Correct 57.

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1999 honda fourtrax 300
i have topped mine the end at 79 km/h yet my buddy had actually the very same one and also his to be gone therefore they walk faster
I"ve had my 97 Fourtrax in 5th gear a few times and thought ns was going pretty fast yet when I inspect my gps program it states max speed about 25. I"m certain these things can go quicker than that. What is the height speed the a Fourtrax 300?
I have actually a 1988 fourtrax 300 2wd and also I put a new carb and a magnesium exhaust native a bike on it and on country streets I have the right to get around 95-100k and that"s simply a buddy complying with to rate me but traffic doesn"t need to pass there that quick
The 4x4 one i had and also all the ones my buddies have/had do 75-80 km/h (47-50 mph) under hill. The 86 fourtrax 250 I had was much faster than the 4x4 300"s for this reason im sure the 2wd 300"s space a little over 50pmh.
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