Giancoli, Douglas C. Physics. 247.

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"A rabbit travels 4.0km in 3.5h. What is its median speedm/s?"0.32m/s
Rabbits & Hares. Microsoft Encarta digital Encyclopedia 2001."The faster of the rabbits and hares, Jack rabbits accomplish speeds of around 70km/h (about 45mph) and also can …."20m/s
Rabbit and Hare hunting In Ontario."To escape predators the count on a to explode of speed (30mph) and also a zig zag motion to evade predators yet it cannot store up this rate for long."13m/s
"It has a top speed 27-30mph., deserve to jump 10ft in one hop, is a good swimmer and also will run in the water to make an escape."12–13m/s
Doherty, James G. Organic History. March 1974. Together cited in speed of Animals. InfoPlease Kid"s Almanac."Rabbit (domestic) 35.00mph"16m/s
Helicon posting Ltd. 2000."Rabbit (domestic) 56kph 35mph"16m/s

Rabbits space generally broken down right into two types regarding speed, cottontail rabbits and jackrabbits. The much faster of the 2 by much is the jackrabbit. This is so due to the fact that of the life layout that these two have. Really long legs and ears characterize the jackrabbit. Jackrabbits are powerful jumpers and also fast runners. In normal progression leaps space alternated with running steps, once pursued the hare runs fast and also close to the ground. They can achieve increases to 45mph. The cottontail hare have big ears and also short legs and also moves with a scurrying or scampering gait, they destruction their very own burrows and also make a nest in a depression in the ground. Unlike the jackrabbit, they seek security in hiding rather than in swift flight. They have the right to achieve increases to 35mph. Therefore if you carry out not have a specific rabbit to measure up the speed for it will certainly be a guess in between 35 to 45mph or 15 come 20m/s.

All the sources appeared to be accurate except the text publication source. This is a an outcome of absence of usual sense. A hare is no physically qualified of travelling 4km as such its speed is strange low contrasted to the rest of them.

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