My 99 KX250 feels like it tops out around 40mph. I don`t know exactly how fast it`s going but that what it feels like. I`d like to get a little more speed out of it for those long railroad bed trails and etc. Should I go with a bigger front sprocket or smaller rear sprocket? I don`t want to go to high on the gearing, I still want to be able to take off without slipping the clutch for the first 50". How fast does your 2 stroke 250 go?
The bike will do more than 40. My 2000 came stock with a 13-48 set-up. I have run as tall as 14-50 and as low as 13-50 ans set-ups in between. The KX has a close ratio gearset that is going to give you a tall first gear if you go very high on top speed.

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I run 14-52 gearing most of the time.

Try going up 1 on the front. Not sure if your bike can pull it in the tight stuff. Mine does but it is not a 250 anymore. :cool:
Senior KX, what gearing are you running? My bike has Eric`s 265 kit with mo-power everywhere porting, so it should pull ok with a little more gear.

Mine is a 94 with stock gearing and it flies. On the dirt shoulder of the highway I pass cars doing 50mph so it must be doing more than 40.

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Hi Guys,I Have a brand new 2001 kx250. Stock it came with a 14/48 sprocket combo. I have been out on it twice since delivery. I ride in the Woods of NE and I plan on dropping the gearing down to 12/50 because it doesn"t pull verywell down low. but when things open up, my gearing now should pull about 70 mph.
if your bike revs fine but you barely move then maybe your clutch needs some attention...??Any other opinions?

After all he"s been through, I doubt his clutch is giving him any trouble at all ;)have you got it back together Mike?
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