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been looking for a trolling motor for my 18 foot lowe and also saw an add for a nissan 3.5 horse trolling motor. Is a 3.5 HP 4 stroke enough motor to push it around? It"s an open up aluminum boat that"s lighter than many 18 footers, yet i really don"t desire to need to run a trolling motor broad open simply to keep the rate up.or if anyone has any input top top nissan outboards i"d love to hear.THANKS
my buddy simply put on an larger 3.5 equine merc top top his 16 ft fiberglass boat. Guessing it would certainly weight close come yours. He thinks his trouble is ganna it is in going slow enough. He took it the end for check run and pushes his boat easily. His is 2 stroke, not sure how much different that would certainly be.

I had a Tohatsu 3.5, which is the same to Nissan, on mine 15 foot Bayrunner skiff. It was plenty the power, however being solitary cylinder, the engine rattled and also shook a lot. It was very unpleasant to operation the thing. I"d suggest getting a two-cylinder motor.
an excellent advice! the seller believed it to be a 2 cylinder, however i checked around and they didn"t make any 2 cylinders that year!now if only i can FIND a dang 2 cyl ~ above this next of the cascades.....

good advice! the seller believed it to be a 2 cylinder, however i checked around and also they didn"t make any 2 cylinders the year!now if only i might FIND a dang 2 cyl on this next of the cascades.....
I have actually a Yamaha F4 4 hp 4 stroke on mt 16.5 Sea Nymph as a kicker the boat is make by Lowe it does simply fine ~ above my boat however together mentioned before the wind have the right to be a factor. Kickers never take care of that great mounted ~ above the edge of the watercraft so if the wind gets your bow the somtimes takes a handfull of accelerator to get it back on course. My F4 had a 8 key prop on it and would only rev to roughly 3000 rpm wide open v the load of my boat, ns switched come a 7 pitch, like around a12% lower gear, and also it currently revs lot closer to the spec 4000-5000 at large open throttle and trolls even slower. Its quiet and the vibration is not poor at every for a single.DC
I have actually the exact same 3.5 HP nissan on my 14 ft gregor. An ext than enough for trolling, in reality I"ve gained a fixed trolling plate come sloooooow down... Ns fish the willamette too and trust it come scoot me if my 30hp nissan breaks down.tank only gets around 4 hrs trolling, so you"ll require an extra tank. Wont run off the main tank, no enough attract at the carbohydrate (I tried it even though the literature states it no work, uneven you sit and pump the pear every 30 seconds:doh
It"s a messy, rough jogger for trolling but very dependable and virtually indestructible. I"d look for something far better if my watercraft were bigger like yours though...
If you have actually not yet completed the sale take it a look at the Suzuki 2.5. I"ve seen most of the 5 hp and less outboards in action (Honda, Suzuki, Mercury, Nissan) (Tohatsu) and also the Suzuki is the quietest and smoothest of them all. It just weighs about 29 pounds and also starts instantly. Am certain it could push your boat up come 4 mph on patience days.Use the same motor on our dingy and also am very pleased v it.
If all her going to do is troll because that trout in lakes...Perfect.If your going come troll in rivers or anywhere there is tide or current, you will not it is in happy. It simply doesn"t have enough "poop" to gain it done. I"d really take into consideration at the very least 6, preferably 8. Also if friend fish in salt water, some electric motors say particularly not to operate in a salt water environment. I believe Tohatsu is just one of them. Look for a great used Merc, OMC, Honda or Yami. Castle won"t disappointed you. I discovered a sweet 8hp Merc ~ above classifieds because that 5 bills. I"m an extremely happy v it.

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