On average it takes 48 – 92 hours for angel fish eggs to hatch. It is very important that the water temperature is between 78° and 84° F at the time the eggs was laid. The warmer the water the faster the eggs will hatch.I recommend setting the water temperature to 84° F as this will give you the best chance for success.

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Signs Your Angel Fish Is Going To Hatch Eggs

There are a few signs you should be aware of that will tell you that your angel fish is ready to hatch eggs, These signs areDarting Attacks – It is normal for an Angel fish to dart or nip at other fish, If you notice that these darts are increasing in numbers it could be a sign.Cleaning An Area – Angel fish like to lay eggs on flat surfaces such as rocks, filters, heater and even the glass of the tank. If you start to notice that they are pecking at these surfaces it could be that they are test out areas for them to find a good spot.Become Territorial – When it comes close to hatching time the angel fish will become territorial and will protect as much space in the tank as they can. This is an important stage because this can cause a lot of stress in your tank, Monitor the fish and move out the Angel Fish in to its own tank if needed.Change Of Colour – The silver stripes on your angel fish will turn black and the cheeks will also darken.

Caring For The Eggs

You don’t need to do anything for the eggs as the parents will look after them by defending them and not let any other fish close to them. It is not possible to guard them 100% of the time and eggs will go missing.If you do plan to remove the eggs from the aquarium and care for them yourself you can, I have a few tips for you below if you do.

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Oxygen – Make sure the eggs are in well oxygenated waterTreat The Water – With something that will prevent fungus build upFiltration – Make sure the water is well filtrated, clean the filter before you add the eggs to the waterWater Change – I recommend you change 50% of the water before you introduce the eggs

Egg Laying Process

When the female is ready to lay the eggs she will inspect the area first to make sure it is clean. She will then lay the eggs in neat rows.The male angel fish will then brush the eggs and fertilize them.The male and female will now guard the eggs as well as constantly clean them and aerate them. If you have a community tank it will add some stress on to all the fish as the Angel fish are protecting there eggs and will not let any fish near them.


Within 48 – 92 hours after the eggs have been laid they will start to hatch. At first the fry will feed on the yolk sack (Egg they just hatches from)When they have finished eating the yolk sack the fry will swim off to explorer their surroundings and search for new food supplies.For around two days they can survive by eating microscopic organisms inside the tank, they will then move on to eating the same food as their parents after that,