Halloween is practically here! Time to start planning your Halloween costume and also choosing the optimal trick-or-treat route. V the perfect costume and also route planned, this is sure to be the best Halloween yet.

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Bad news though, not everyone is excited for Halloween. In fact, several of your very close friends that play vital role in your daily life and also overall health are flat out scared. Your teeth! your beautiful and well cared because that teeth room dreading the 31st. They know that sugary, sticky, and also sour liquid is headed their way and hope that you will choose to aid keep lock safe.

This Halloween, it’s much more important than ever before to psychic the damages that all the delicious liquid can reason to your teeth. While small amounts of liquid here and there adhered to by a thorough brushing is okay, the scary truth about Halloween is that eating candy in excess can reason serious long-term damage for your oral health. To help keep your teeth healthy and balanced this Halloween, we’ve emphasize 4 that the worst candies for your teeth that you must avoid on the 31st.

4. Skittles

If she guilty of binging ~ above a delicious bag of cones from time come time, you’re not alone. Almost everyone has. And also who might blame you? Skittles capture the perfect combination of sweet and also sour and also offer a good variety that flavors! Unfortunately, Skittles have actually a pH level the 2.5, i m sorry can cause serious damages to her enamel. Protect your enamel this Halloween by steering clean of this sour candy!


3. Twix

Some that the worst candies for her teeth room the persons that are both sugary and also sticky, i m sorry is exactly what we all love around Twix. The sweet cacao covered wafer, through the perfect ribbon of caramel is a classic cure for any kind of sweet tooth. Sadly, it’s one of the worst ones the end there for your teeth. Avoid these dangerously sticky cookie bars this Halloween and also your this will thank you.


2. Swedish Fish

With one of the greatest sugar-to-calorie ratios the end there, swedish Fish current a substantial risk for her teeth. Not to mention, the gummy liquid love come stick to the sides of her teeth and also gums and also stay there till they cause an ext damage. Keep your teeth safe this Halloween and also stay far from sweden Fish at all costs.


1. Jolly Rancher

As one of the more addictive candies the end there, Jolly Ranchers are always a group favorite when Halloween roll around. However, a Jolly Rancher can pack an unanticipated punch to her teeth as soon as you go to bite down. A Jolly Rancher is among the hardest candy available, which put your this at high hazard for chipping and also breaking. No one wants to spend the day after Halloween wait in the dentist’s office to have actually a broken tooth fixed. Additionally, sucking on tough candy for expanded periods the time coats your teeth in sugar and also makes castle much more vulnerable come cavities and decay. Store your this healthy and avoid Jolly Ranchers completely this year.


It’s simple to forget about your oral health and wellness when there’s wealth of candy around. Yet this Halloween, salary close fist to the candy you’re eating and the affect it deserve to have on her teeth, gums, and also overall dental health. Remember the sticky, sugary, and chewy candy have the right to have serious, long-term results on your dental health. Now, is that really precious a sugar sirloin on Halloween night?

If friend don’t desire to skip the end on trick-or-treating altogether, take into consideration donating her leftover Halloween candy to our candy Buy back between November 3 and November 6th. The Halloween candy Buy earlier is a national program sponsored by operation Gratitude. They collection candy, letters, and also toiletries and mail them in the type of care packages to united state Troops serving overseas.

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If you uncover yourself with a toothache or ache in the days complying with Halloween, make certain to contact your local dentist because that a dental meeting to obtain make sure your laugh is as healthy and balanced as deserve to be.

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