let's speak you're using it at around 20 amps. Simply going turn off the rating that's 13.2 minutes of firing.

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there space no 4400mAh 18650-batteries .)

The revenger x take away 2*18650

(speculation) They'll last 4 minutes, or 53 puffs at 5s, if the mod is collection to 200W
Multiply nominal capacity by in the name of voltage to get theoretical energy. 4.4Ah x 3.7V = 16.28Wh. Multiply by 3600 to convert to joules. 16.28 x 3600 = 58,608J

Multiply the power setting by puff term to obtain theoretical power in joules. E.g. 100W X 2s = 200J per puff.

Dividing those gives you a theoretical maximum number of puffs, if whatever was perfectly efficient and also you might actually use every one of the energy in your battery. 58608 / 200 = 293 puffs.

That's the theoretical maximum, i m sorry is difficult to achieve in reality. Casualty in the regulator (aka regulator efficiency) must be deducted, and also the cells can only deliver a fraction of your rated capacity at high current, sometimes much less than 50% that it. The rated capacity is only feasible at around 0.2C, or 0.88A for her 4400 mAh battery.

So, if you're running the battery in ~ 100W, it can only give you 146 puffs or less.

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