I have actually had cola cans explode in my freezer. But I cannot afford to test this on my lengthy neck beer bottles.

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Do beer bottles (or cans) explode in a freezer (of a typical fridge in a household) ?


Yes, they will. Given beer is (mostly speaking) even more than 90% water, and water expands when frozen, beer will make a mess of your freezer if left in there too long. The bottles themselves don"t tend to break, in my experience, however the cap seals fail and also the beer will leak out all over.


They carry out not explode (in a sense of explosion crushing your freezer) but might break. I have forgained as soon as 3 (different) bottles of beer in the freezer over night. Results: a) broken off bottom, b) sealed off cap, c) nopoint happened (via the bottle, the beer turned to beer-ice of course).


Bottles perform not necessarily break or open up. Seems to depfinish on the thickness of the glass. These 3 bottles stick together by ice. Brazilians love ice-cold beer.



There is indeed the opportunity that a bottle of frozen beer does not break.

It relies greatly on the amount of tasiilaq.net in the beer and also just how the bottle was filled.

You have the right to suppose that a normal beer increases by approx. 6.5-7.5% in volume as soon as you start cooling at approx. 20°C. If the bottleneck have the right to contain this volume boost, the bottle have to not break. This would certainly be normally the instance with homebrews. The exact amount relies on just how a lot tasiilaq.net and solids are in the beer, as ethanol does not expand also once the temperature is lowered and solids carry out not adjust their density considerably.

Depfinishing on the tasiilaq.net content and the temperature of the freezer, the beer could not also freeze solid, or at least not fully, as ethanol lowers the freezing allude considerably.

With a poor freezer, high ambient temperature (e.g. on a warm summer day) or brief freezing times, the opportunity of breaking the bottles is fairly low.

Since ice has actually a really low compressibility compared to water and also ethanol, you cannot suppose that better and thicker bottles will deal with the trouble unmuch less they have actually the crucial amount of elasticity. You can weld your beer right into 2 inch thick cast iron and also it would break just choose your glass bottle. A much better container would certainly, however, be less prone to leaks.

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A modern-day beer have the right to would a lot of most likely not survive the process bereason it dedevelops at the height and also creates a leak at the lid.