In this before and after, you are going to see just how braces near gaps between teeth. The pictures below are from among Dr.’s yes, really patients with spaces in between her upper and also lower teeth.

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There are 3 spaces in between the top teeth and 5 between the lower teeth. Gaps in between teeth deserve to leave gums unprotected during chewing. Spaces can additionally trap food and impact self-esteem. This is one of our actual patients.

Problems through spaces

Problems occur when teeth don’t line up simply right.

The two most common problems resulted in by having spaces between teeth space a (1) lack of confidence once smiling and (2) loosening of the prior teeth.

1. Gaps watch like lacking teeth

Gaps between teeth deserve to make people self-conscious around smiling. The dark gaps deserve to make a laugh look like teeth are lacking – even if every the teeth room present.

2. Risks to the wellness of your gums

And over there are health and wellness reasons because that why gaps between teeth should be closed.

The most necessary reason to acquire spaces closeup of the door is to safeguard the wellness of the gums. Friend see, we room meant to chew v our teeth – not through our gums.

When over there is a gap between teeth, that means that food can acquire smashed between teeth – smashed right into the gums. Difficult foods, choose chips and also pretzels can damage your soft gums. Over time, food the gets jammed between gap teeth and also can pressure teeth also further apart.

Teeth deserve to become loose because that the trauma, periodontal pockets and periodontal disease.

Closing spaces through braces

The best way to nearby spaces is often with braces. Various other methods, prefer porcelain veneers and also Invisalign may also be able come close spaces.

In as small as 6 months, braces patients have the right to start to watch their teeth come with each other – make the spaces in between teeth disappear.

This details patient indigenous Hellertown went to our Bethlehem orthodontic office to obtain braces. Below is the typical sequence the we usage to nearby gaps between teeth utilizing braces (photos from our actual patient):


Gaps between teeth space closed with braces. Vivid elastic links (orange, green, and gray) attach to the braces and also start to close the spaces together. This photos room of Dr.’s actual patient.

Braces lug teeth in addition to the assist of elastic web links (called elastic chain). In as small as 6 months, the spaces room closed and also patient’s smile is currently looking so lot better.

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The smile comes together

When teeth fulfill together properly, the laugh really come together.

The teeth and also gums space healthier after the spaces space closed. Functionally, the patience is much much better off ~ braces than she was before with gaps between her teeth.

When braces bring teeth together, you have the right to see that the gums are defended from having actually food jammed into them:


Braces efficiently closed every the gaps in between the teeth. Straight teeth room healthy and look great! This is one actual patient of Dr. (and the exact same patient as in the image above)

In summary, gaps between teeth space unhealthy and braces can bring teeth together in as small as 6 months.