At Golf Galaxy, we location the highest possible priority top top ensuring her purchases arrive in a stylish manner.

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Estimated Delivery day is the complete time from once you ar your bespeak until the moment your receive it. Factors such as item availability, handling time, ship technique and the item"s final location are used to determine delivery date.

Processing time is the time as soon as you submit her order to when the item(s) leaves the warehouse. Please refer to the product page for the item"s processing time. Part items need extra processing time, including:

Personalized itemsCustomized itemsPre-order merchandise

Shipping time is the moment it takes after things leaves the warehouse to the time it come at your door.

Find an ext information ~ above theShipping Informationpage. You have the right to alsoTrack your Orderto uncover out as soon as your acquisition is scheduled to arrive.

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