By Steve BeauregardThe two greatest gambling communities in America’s biggest gambling state room separated by mountains, desert, and also over 400 miles of a totality lot that nothing.It’s exact 441 mile (or 709 kilometers), native Reno, Nevada to las Vegas, as measured indigenous downtown Reno come the las Vegas Strip. Under common driving conditions (i.e. No snowstorms or excessively heavy traffic), it would certainly take you simply over 7 hrs to drive it.This, by the way, is acquisition the fastest route, under U.S. Highway 95. There is another, more scenic course through the high Sierras that has actually you crossing into California. (More on that below).

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The Clown Motel in TonopahThe Clown Motel in Tonopah
Sixty-six much more miles southern is the city of Beatty, Nevada. It’s just seven miles far from the enntrance gate to death Valley nationwide Park, if that’s on your bucket list.Scenic Route when Driving from Reno to ras VegasAs hinted in ~ above, yes sir another, long, but more scenic route easily accessible if you’re therefore inclined. If prettier, it does take 8 hours, and also is 475 miles long (or 34 an ext miles than the faster, U.S. 95 route from Reno to las Vegas.(Here’s the scenic, however longer path from Reno to las Vegas)

This route has actually you going south on interstate 580 for a ways, into the state capitol, Carson City. ~ that, you will do it shoot right into California, wherein you’ll drive for hrs on Highway 395.You’ll drive along the eastern border that Yosemite national Park, previous the pretty Mono Lake. You’ll likewise see gorgeous mountains, and be in ~ 2 mile of Mammoth hill ski area. (Photos courtesy that Ken Lund via Flickr.)

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