I regulated to choose up an old columbia 300 white dot for 2 dollars at a thrift shop. I already have a drill press and also everything I have to drill it myself, and also hopefully the knowledge to do so.

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I'm trying to find plug also, however can't find any type of on the cheap. Is there an alternate method I deserve to use? maybe something from residence depot?

Id have it professionally done, but it was just 2 dollars and also is an old polyurethane ball, don't really watch the point in putting a bunch of cash into it.

Thanks guys.


Unless u own or have actually have accessibility to the regional pro shop's drill press with a ball JIG this is a an extremely bad idea to try on ur own.

Ball plug is not marketed on the cheap for a reason. It is marketed in a large quantity to plug countless bowling balls, also a router helps to remove the dam and plug, i didn't watch ya perform that together having.

Either carry out it ideal or take it $2 ball and also make something out of it.

I have a router together well, I have actually at my handle a fairly big amount the tools.

I think for the money I would rather acquire it done professionally, and I also think we will be acquiring a one-of-a-kind deal because that the high institution bowling team as soon as we obtain it this year.

Also, I desire to shot something different. That a fairly small sphere so i might shot putting some fingertip grips in it and putting some grip ice on mine thumb, climate wrapping my hand approximately it (I have actually fairly huge hands) so ns wonder if I have the right to do that. Can be a cool tiny experiment.

You need to not drill this round yourself, it's a negative idea. There's a lot much more to drilling a round than you'd think.

If you try to drill a ball on a continual drill press, you're going to have horrible pitches to her holes. The holes don't go directly down in to the ball, it requirements to be offset from facility lines, come a precise degree. A serious bowler deserve to feel the distinction in 1/16 that an inch off in the not correct direction. Therefore being off by multiple inches can actually be dangerous, and also hurt to throw.

As others have said, don't carry out it.

A couple have stated screwing up your measurements, for this reason I'll talk around plugging the ball.

If you fill the holes all the way up and also it hardens, you'll have level spots top top the ball. If you execute it correctly, fill over the holes with a one-of-a-kind barrier, and also grind the down, if friend don't have actually the right tools come grind the down and also sand it, you're sphere will no be round anymore. There is a unique grinder pictured right here that is perfect shaped for the size of a bowling ball to save it smooth. If you don't have actually that, you'll it is in screwed.

If you just want to offer a shot, and never desire to litter the ball down a lane then walk for it, however you would have wasted the $2.

Plug product is generally sold as a big quantity since it is plan to to fill dozens that balls because that a pro shop. That expensive too (I think ns paid approximately $300 for my last batch) and it has a shelf life, so girlfriend can't purchase it and also then host onto it for 30 years while you slowly use it up. It comes v 3 party of plug material and also 1 party of hardner i beg your pardon is dispensed 3:1 making use of the pumps that automatically measure out the quantity of every (also a separate purchase). Color kits aren't free, so uneven you desire to shot and freestyle with some food coloring, you get a clean plug. You'll likewise need some foam dams come put around the hole so you can overfill and allow the plug product to shrink together it hardens. When it has actually hardened, climate you'll either need a plug cutting bit for her press, or a router like redsox113 mentions.

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If you desire to carry out this sort of work at home, just be prepared to drop part cash top top the setup, or see if you can uncover a bowling agree shop or facility that is closing and willing to let the stuff walk cheap. Girlfriend just could stumble ~ above a deal. I recognize plugging and also drilling appears expensive, but compared come buying all the gear to carry out it, you're going come come the end ahead by letting who else perform it, unless you have a bunch of friend that will certainly pay friend to do theirs too.