The warm pump is an integral component of an HVAC system. It have the right to be used for both heating and also cooling homes. A malfunctioning warm pump falls short to execute this crucial function. From thermostat problems to tripped circuit breakers, over there are assorted reasons why warmth pumps autumn apart. Warm pump repair deserve to be tricky. If you have actually a faulty warmth pump, top an HVAC expert, rather of trying to take matters into your own hands. Many homeowners pay between $250 and also $600 for heat pump repair. Her actual cost will depend on the kind of heat pump you room using, and the nature of the problem.

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Common warmth Pump Problems

Most residences either have an air-to-air pump or make use of a geothermal pump. Let’s take a look in ~ some typical problems that afflict these pumps and the cost of acquiring them addressed.

Efficiency RatingUnit PriceInstalled Price
Breaker trips The most common reason is a weak breaker, i beg your pardon happens with age and wear. This deserve to be reconnected and also fixed for$100-$150. The many common reason is a weak breaker, i m sorry happens with age and also wear. This have the right to be reconnected and also fixed for$100-$150.
Fan no run The fan border switch costs$20-$75and can reason the pan to break when it isn’t functioning properly. Check to make sure there isn’t debris impede the fan; if not, the pan limit switch needs to be changed ($30-$60).
Compressor no run The compressor is responsible for keeping the temperature and compressing the gas and also air. A new single-stage compressor averages$750-$1,250; a two-stage compressor averages$1,000-$1,700. The compressor is responsible for maintaining the temperature and compressing the gas and air. Price averages$800-$1,200for a brand-new compressor.
Heat pump freezes This is a common problem in the chillier months and can be solved by adding refrigerant ($75-$150) or instead of the defrost timer ($200-$250). This is a typical problem in the colder months and can be solved by adding refrigerant ($75-$150) or replacing the defrost timer ($200-$250).
Cool air blows This typically method the reversing valve demands to be replaced, which averages$450-$600. This typically method the reversing valve needs to be replaced, which averages$450-$600.
Thermostat A basicthermostat costs$40-$70, while a programmablethermostat1averages$80-$150. Fixingthermostatwiring have the right to add$50in materials fees. A basicthermostat costs$40-$70, if a programmablethermostat averages$80-$150. Fixingthermostat wiring deserve to add$50in products fees.
Ductwork Ductwork deserve to be the resource of countless problems, varying from leaks come inefficiency. The average price to fix or replace ductwork is$30-$50per straight foot, consisting of labor. These solution don’t have ductwork.
Temperature problems If the temperature different from room come room, the dampers either need to be set up or serviced. New dampers cost$150each while offer the dampers costs a few hours of labor (around $100 total). If the temperature varies from room to room, the dampers either need to be installed or serviced. Inspect thethermostat1settings and also change the wait filter ($15-$30) if necessary.

Pump Won’t rotate on

If her geothermal pumps do not turn on, there is a high opportunity that the circuit requirements to be reset, or you have a leaking refrigerant line, or the move valve has actually gone kaput and should it is in replaced. Replacing the refrigerant line would price you between $3-$5 per straight foot. Suppose to salary $80-$100 to gain the circuit breaker reset or the move valve replaced.

If your air-to-air pump does not rotate on girlfriend may have actually a tripped circuit breaker, or a faulty condenser switch, or a damaged electric motor. Expect to pay between $150 and $230 to acquire a tripped circuit breaker reset or a broken condenser move replaced. The electric engine replacement will cost you $400.

Fan stops Running

Most geothermal pumps come equipped through a pan limit switch. In many cases, the culprit behind a broken fan is a malfunctioning fan limit switch. A new pan would expense you $20-$75.

If you room using one air-to-air pump, make certain debris is not blocking the fan. If you have actually a faulty pan limit switch, mean to pay in between $30 and also $60 to gain it replaced.

Breaker Trips

If her breaker is constantly tripping, girlfriend may have actually a weak breaker. Suppose to pay in between $100 and also $150 to obtain the breaker reconnected and fixed.

Pump Circulates Cool air

This is just one of the most usual heat pump repair difficulties that both geothermal pump users and air-to-air pump owner face. If your warmth pump is blowing cool air, you require to acquire your reversing valve replaced. Mean to pay between $450 and also $600 to acquire a malfunctioning reversing valve replaced.

Temperature Issues

Whether you very own a geothermal warmth pump or an air-to-air pump, if you have temperature sport in your home, you need to gain dampers installed. If friend are currently using dampers, think about getting lock serviced. New damper installation will cost you $150 (for every damper), whereas damper organization usually costs $100. If you room using an air-to-air pump, consider getting its wait filter replaced. Mean to pay between $15 and $30 because that filter replacement.

Heat Pump Freezes

This is a usual heat pump repair problem that both geothermal pump and also air-to-air pump owners face. To address this problem, HVAC specialists either include refrigerant to the system or change the defrost timer. Mean to salary $75-$150 to gain refrigerant included to your system. The cost of replacing a defrost timer is usually in between $200 and $250.

Compressor stop Running

Your warm pump’s compressor theatre a an essential role of preserving the temperature and also compressing the gas and also air. A failure compressor is bad news for your warm pump and can reason it to completely stop working. From leaks to electrical faults, there are various causes of compressor failure. A brand-new single-stage compressor for your geothermal pump would expense you $750-$1,250, whereas a two-stage compressor averages $1,000-$1,700. If you have actually an air-to-air pump suppose to pay in between $800 and $1,200 for a new compressor.

Ductwork Problems

Duct troubles can give rise to many issues that deserve to drag down the effectiveness of your warmth pump. To stop this native happening, obtain duct worries fixed before they get out the hand. Most homeowners will spend $30-$50 per straight foot to acquire ductwork concerns addressed. If you have actually an air-to-air system, you do not have actually anything to worry about as these systems don’t have ductwork.

Labor Costs


Expect to pay between $85 and also $95 per hour for labor. Plenty of HVAC specialists offer an hour-long appointment to diagnose the problem. Once they get to the root reason of the problem, the professional comes up with a sustainable solution and implements it. The entire procedure can take 1-3 hours. These specialists usually charge a level fee (between $85 and $285).

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Additional Considerations

Here room some additional considerations that may influence your heat pump repair cost.

If your warm pump is nearing the end of its organization life or is past repair, your HVAC skilled may recommend getting it replaced. Intend to spend $7.500 on a new geothermal pump installation. Air-to-air pumps cost in between $2,000 and also $3,000 HVAC experts charge up to 30 percent much more to fix a heat pump in heating and cooling season, An professional will require an ext time 보다 usual to organization a warm pump in a hard-to-reach area, which could an outcome in extra hrs of labor expenses

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