Learn how to perform a 50m underwater swim. This is the 2nd part of how to swim underwater longer. It will teach girlfriend an underwater swimming technique for beginners.

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It is not the fastest means to swim underwater, however it is really efficient.

If you desire to swim 50 meters underwater, this is the stroke because that you.

How to perform a 50m Underwater Swim

This post covers phase 4 and also 5 the the 50 meter underwater swim training. If friend haven’t already, please check out the write-up on Breath hold Training which covers stages 1, 2, and 3. It additionally has very important safety information.

Stage 4 – effective Stroke

This teaches the best method for how to swimming farther underwater. The only aim is to learn the stroke. Don’t try to break any kind of underwater swimming record.

DID you KNOW? The Guinness publication Record for the longest underwater swimming is 200m through Tom Sietas (German).

This underwater swimming stroke uses a amendment breast-stroke with the underwater dolphin kick. Do it together one liquid motion. This is also how come swim underwater there is no floating up.

Start off in a systematized glide and stay in it for as lengthy as possible.


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