Painted some overflows for my big tank, everything was looking good. Used 5 thin coats applied 15-20 min apart, then put it in my sunroom to dry.I accidentally left the door closed overnight. it was 24 degrees in the room the next morning. Four days later, it still smells like spray paint.:help: Tried soaking them in water for a bit then letting them dry, that actually took a good bit of the smell out, but not enough for me to be comfortable putting it in the tank yet.Right now its sitting in a plastic baggie with some chopped onion (old trick I use to get the paint smell out of houses...worth a shot I figure...)I"ve put a bit of time cutting these (took me close to 3 hours with a dremel) and would really hate to have to do it all over again. Its not the prettiest, but the holes are small enough to keep all the fish out.Any other ideas aside from sanding and repainting?
most paints will cure faster at a slightly elevated temperature. If you have a room or area in your house that"s extra warm you could try that.Also, if you ever have to do a lot of drilling in pvc again, you should see if you can"t get access to a drill press for a few minutes. That"s what I did and it"s a heck of a lot easier than using a dremel.

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Five coats may need more curing time. I agree with Brhino to put them somewhere warmer and leave them for a few more days.
That is the problem with tools, I am the only one I know with any of them.Plus it was a great way to break in my new dremel. Even with a drill press it would still be pretty time consuming. Might have gone a little overboard, since there is now almost more open space than pvc at this point. I"ll give it a few more days, put it next to the heater. We have a huge snowstorm coming, so if I get snowed in I just know I will spend all my time staring at them waiting for it to
If you used Krylon Fusion, which is the best plastic paint commonly available to most of us, it takes a week to cure properly. Before that time it may be dry to the touch, but it isn"t cured. Put the pieces in the sun, not in a bag, and leave it alone for a few more days. After it cures, the paint is bonded or fused (Fusion) to the plastic.Watching paint cure is almost as much fun as watching a new tank come up to room temperature.
And, im snowed in.Took it out of the bag last night and set it next to the dogs heater. The only place I can put it in the sun would be in the sunroom, where its about 40 degrees right now..Smell is gone though!Still gonna give it another day. And yes, it was krylon fusion. Strange how that works out, I"ve painted some things with it much thicker than these, the only difference was it was warm the whole time. Made the stupid mistake of letting it get too cold early on, really seems to slow down the curing time. luckily the humidity here (or lack of) really plays in my favor when it comes to painting. Not so much with concrete, but paint and glues dry much faster.

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Do you happen to have one of those Halogen type worklights around? One of those that use the skinny long bulbs usually in the 150/250/500 watt range.These lamps emit UV rays and will speed up the process of the curing. If you were to read the instructions that come with the lamp it will warn you of the dangers of UV exposure with these lamps, especially if you were to remove the glass lens from the front of the frame. Not so good for your eyes or skin, but great for curing paint and finishes, not to mention the amount of heat they give off. If you have ever stood in front of a halogen lamp when it was turned on, even from a fair distance you can feel the heat, that is the solar radiation of the UV rays.