Any Martinelli’s products that room unopened and also stored in a cool, dry ar should maintain their high quality for 3 year (in glass) and 2 year (in plastic) from the date of production. Any kind of products that room opened have to be refrigerated and also are an excellent for 5–10 days. In 2004, we started printing a “Best by” day on every products.

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Martinelli’s apologize juice and cider space the same; the only distinction is the label. Both space 100% juice native U.S. Grown fresh apples. We continue to sell the cider label due to the fact that some consumers merely prefer the classic name because that apple juice.

For questions about Web save orders, please contact the Martinelli’s Fulfillment firm at 800-347-6994

No, all Martinelli’s products are made with labels pre-attached, and therefore cannot be personalized.

Our glass, 10 oz plastic bottles (code 1 PETE) and also half-gallon and gallon party (code 7 Other) space recyclable. You deserve to visit for info from the American plastic Council ~ above the types of products that deserve to be recycled.Recycle Codes

Our 25.4 oz size Sparkling items in glass bottles no longer have actually plastic reseal caps. This adjust was do to alleviate our carbon footprint and to aid us operate as sustainably as possible.

None of our plastic bottles or hat contain bisphenol-A (BPA). Every Martinelli’s packaging is in compliance with US Food Packaging Regulations and also California Proposition 65.

Martinelli’s has actually converted come phthalates free seals on every one of its bottle closures. Every Martinelli’s packaging is in compliance v US Food Packaging Regulations.

Martinelli’s does no recommend that civilization chew on ours plastic bottles. Nothing is an ext important to us than the health and safety of consumers. Our focus is on creating premium quality 100% to apologize juice make from new U.S. Get an impressive apples that space picked, pressed and also pasteurized.

We have seen the plenty of social media posts and articles about the crunching sound ours 10 oz. Plastic party of apple juice have the right to make when crushed. Assorted TikTok videos show civilization biting into our plastic bottles and saying that it sounds like they space biting right into an apple.

Yes! The Martinelli’s firm Store is located at 345 Harvest Dr. Watsonville, CA 95076. The save offers free tastings of your favorite Martinelli’s products and also opportunities come discover and also purchase your new favorites! at the store, find Martinelli’s merchandise, apparel, souvenirs, and also Martinelli’s products, including limited releases, by the case. Visitors space welcome to see the collection of archival machinery and photographs indigenous Martinelli’s history. Store hours: Please call for current hours. Phone: 831.768.3938. Affix with the store’s official Facebook page to save up-to-date ~ above the recent events and also tastings!

S. Martinelli & company is cursed to offering our consumer with quality commodities to for sure they are 100% satisfied with their purchase. We space sorry if you have received a product the does not satisfy your complete satisfaction. Please contact us at 1-800-662-1868 or email united state at customer_service

For any purchase end $25.00, please follow the steps below:

Submit an itemized receipt through the save name, address, complete quantity purchased and also price per unit.Submit come the S. Martinelli & company the manufacturer code and also best by date from the party in question.A coupon for a totally free replacement bottle will certainly be mailed to the customer.

The following uses to orders put on Martinelli’s digital Shopping Page.

Orders will be filled and also mailed within 24-hours of order placement. Order cancellations will only be accepted within the 24-hour period.

Shipping charges space subject come the Continental united state only. Because that shipping charges to Alaska or Hawaii, please call us in ~ 800-347-6994.

Since our assets are considered a food item, unfortunately we cannot expropriate returns of our juices through our net store.

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At S. Martinelli & Company, we will execute our ideal to accommodate requests because that juice donations come non-profit agencies benefiting youngsters in the Monterey just Area. You re welcome submit inquiry at least three weeks before the event. Authorized donations will have to be choose up in ~ the Martinelli’s firm Store in Watsonville, CA.

Submit donation requests to:

By letter to:Donation CoordinatorS. Martinelli & Co.345 Harvest DriveWatsonville, CA 95076