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What? have you been living under a rock? just the ideal tasting, boldly initial drink top top the planet!, or sunny Delight, is a refreshing fruit-flavored beverage that has 100% of the day-to-day value the Vitamin C in one 8oz serving.

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HOW numerous DIFFERENT seasonings OF room THERE?

Feeling extra bold? Tangy initial is or you. Need a punch of fruit, this one’s obvious…Fruit Punch! lacking those countless Summer days? We’ve acquired you through Lemonade. No issue your mood, there’s a flavor the end there with your surname no it. Which your favorite? For more inspo, visit our seasonings page.

execute I must REFRIGERATE mine come in both refrigerated and also shelf secure versions. Yeah, we’re cool like that! your sips should constantly be legendary so make sure to inspect the label for refrigerating information. Constantly refrigerate ~ opening and also drink before the “best before” date stamped top top the bottle. If is sticking roughly in your fridge for the long, you could be act something wrong.

have the right to I frozen MY

We won’t avoid you, yet if friend insist, take these advice from us. Make sure you don’t freeze in the container, it will expand and also make a mess. We don’t want anyone crying over spilt Feeling extra adventurous and thinking around ice pops? to be there, done that. Simply make certain to enjoy before they melt, freezing might influence the taste of your after the thawed.

WHERE have the right to I find i CAN’T uncover at MY regional STORE.

Never fear, is near! It’s easily accessible at many grocery chains and also mass merchandisers, and also many convenience stores. If you can’t discover at her favorite store, load up her things and also move immediately. But seriously, simply ask the nice keep manager.

WHERE have the right to I uncover THE BEST before DATE?

This component is important, check your bottles for the best prior to date top top the neck the the bottle, the shoulder, or above the production code. To find the date on cans, check the bottom.

does save CAFFEINE?

Nope! No commodities contain caffeine, simply bold flavors.

does save on computer GLUTEN?

No street! There is no gluten in products.

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does USE fabricated SWEETENERS?

Yes. provides some artificial sweeteners as a way to mitigate the lot of sugar and also calories there is no compromising the one-of-a-kind taste. Every ingredients used in have been extensively tested for safety, space approved for use by the FDA and also are detailed in the ingredient explain on every label.

mine doesn’t TASTE RIGHT, smell RIGHT, OR IS LEAKING. WHY?

We are very sorry the you are not 100% satisfied v your There are a number of possible explanations: your bottle could have to be exposed come high temperatures, damaged throughout shipping, or it might be past the “best before” date. If you suspect there is a problem, perform not drink the product. For additional information and also assistance, you re welcome visit our contact Us page

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