You threw a party a pair of month ago, and that opened up bottle that triple sec you’ve bought to mix drinks is quiet in storage. And since it’s a liqueur, you’re now wondering if it have the right to go bad, or exactly how long you have the right to store it before it loses its quality.

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Or probably you went through the triple sec syrup instead so that you can make both alcoholic and also non-alcoholic drinks. And now you’re anxious that it will certainly go negative before you have the right to use it.

In one of two people case, we obtained you covered. In this article, us talk around both the liqueur and also the syrup. Us go end the essentials of triple sec: storage, shelf life, and signs of walk bad. If that’s what you’re looking for, read on.

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Can Triple Sec go Bad? exactly how To tell If Triple Sec has actually Gone Bad?

Since the liqueur is the more popular option, let’s begin with it. Triple sec is a range of Curaçao liqueur make from sweet and also bitter orange peels. As soon as it concerns liqueurs, it’s quite a solid one, usually containing between 30 and also 40 percent alcohol by volume (), or 60 to 80 proof.

Such alcohol content provides it pretty lot immune come spoilage, provided that you keep it properly. Nevertheless, if you ever notification that the color has adjusted or the odor altered, toss the in the trash.

What’s much more likely to take place is the its top quality will degrade end time. It will shed some of its fresh and fruity flavors, and also if save for long enough, the alcohol content will experience too. At a specific point, you will certainly decide that it’s not an excellent enough to use anymore. And that’s as soon as you discard the rest.

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When it involves triple sec syrup, the situation is similar. Of course, that won’t keep quality for as lengthy as the liqueur does, but it’s i can not qualify to damn it if stored well. The syrup usually consists of sugar and also citric acid (), both organic preservatives, and also often has some additional ingredients to store it fresh.

But if the orange and fruity flavor and smell are gone, or the syrup changed its color, it’s time for it to go. If it’s a little bit old, however seems perfect fine, provide it a taste come make sure it’s okay before you make any type of drinks v it.

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How long Does Triple Sec Last?

Once again, let’s start with the liqueur. As I currently mentioned, the high alcohol content renders it resistant to any kind of microbial growth. That renders it safe to drink for decades.

But choose with every alcoholic drinks, us not just want it to be safe but to have actually the flavor we’re searching for too. And when it involves the latter, triple sec should taste an excellent for around ten years unopened, and also maybe 2 to 3 year after opening.

Please keep in mind that these are only estimates, and everyone has actually their preferences and quality standards.

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When it pertains to triple sec syrup, the comes with a best-by or use-by date on the label that you have to observe. Usually, it lasts between a year and two years. That counts on the producer, therefore it’s most basic to stick with that date. Of course, it need to taste perfectly fine for at the very least a couple of weeks past that date.

Once you open the syrup up, its high quality starts come degrade much faster. An ext often than not the label will inform you the for ideal quality, girlfriend should end up the party within a details time frame, e.g., six weeks (). Yet in many cases, the syrup will stay okay to usage at the very least until the best-by date.

Make certain to read the brand of her to find out what the manufacturer recommends.

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How To keep Triple Sec?

When it pertains to triple sec liqueur, you save it the same way you keep vodka, gin, or any other high-proof alcohol.

Like all alcohols, triple sec is perceptible to temperature changes and also light, therefore what you’re searching for is a dark place with secure temperature. As soon as it comes to temperature, room temp is perfect fine. But if you setup on making part drinks in the evening, you can chill that in the fridge, especially if you serve it neat.

As usual, store the cap sealed tightly as soon as the liqueur is not in use, therefore the alcohol doesn’t evaporate.

For the syrup, points are quite similar. Keep an unopened party in a cabinet in the pantry or the kitchen. Make certain it’s no near any heat sources and also doesn’t sit in the sunlight. As soon as you open up the bottle, make sure to seal the after using. When it concerns whether or no you need to refrigerate the syrup ~ opening, that counts on the producer, so make certain to examine the label. Oftentimes chilling it in the refrigerator isn’t important ().

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In a Nutshell

It’s unlikely the triple sec liqueur ever before goes bad. Yet its quality degrades end time, and after a pair of years gift opened, the won’t taste as great as it supplied to once you an initial opened the bottle.Triple sec syrup is quite unlikely to spoil as result of the presence of natural and artificial preservatives. However, the does shed flavor over time, and won’t maintain quality nearly as long as the liqueur does.Triple sec liqueur keeps quality for around a decade unopened, and also two to 3 years when opened. Your experience might vary, though.The syrup must stay perfect fine till the day on that is label, however please keep in mind that its high quality starts come degrade much faster once you open up it up.Keep triple sec liqueur in a cabinet, away from sunlight and also any warmth sources.Store triple sec syrup in the pantry or kitchen, in a sealed cabinet. Check the brand to discover if the producer requires refrigerating the after opening.